Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Afterlife by Joey W. Hill

Knights of the Boardroom series
by: Joey W. Hill
$9.99 e-book
$16.99 trade paperback
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: November 2010

Rachel was focused on rebuilding her life after an ugly divorce that left her nothing but a shell of her former self. Focusing on her jobs as a physical therapist and yoga instructor, she secretly wished for something more. After witnessing an intimate moment between her favorite PT patient, Dana, and her fiancé, Peter, Rachel's inner most desire to submit is rekindled. Little did she know, a Master was closer than she least expected and he already had his eyes on her.

Jon Forte, the boy genius of the management group Kensington and Assoc, enjoyed attending Rachel's classes when his job allowed him the time. He loved being in her presence, but he kept his distance due to a thin gold band worn on her left ring finger. Jon upheld his honor and never approached taken women, but he could not deny the attraction between them.

Risking it all, Jon requested a private yoga session with Rachel. Their chemistry was magical. They moved as a single being, pose after pose with fluid transition, ninety minutes pass without notice. Their time together starts a chain reaction that no one can stop. Not her suppressed feeling of rejection from her ex-husband. Not a terrifying visit alone to the local BDSM club. And most of all, not the persistent pursuit of a Dom on a mission of salvation.

Michele says:
After reading this book, I will never think of yoga the same way again. Joey's imagery of yoga poses to the intimacy between Rachel and Jon. I believe a lot of woman can relate to Rachel's fears and reluctance to try again for something the heart desires. The lengths that Joey went to describe the D/s relationship was spot on. And when I found out that each of the men of Kensington and Assoc have their own book...well let’s just say I was VERY....happy :)

Michele gives this book a


Carla says:
I've been thinking of putting Joey W. Hill on my authors to read list for years, but never did until now.  I can't believe I waited so long to read her.  Her characters are so complex and true to life, I actually had to struggle back to reality when I was done.  The story is about Rachel, a woman who's been beaten down by life, chained to her misery by her repressed submissive tendencies.  She's just trying to get through life with her head down when she meets Jon in the yoga class she teaches.  In him, she instantly recognizes his Dominant nature, and is drawn to him.  Afraid of the desires he awakens in her, she tries to run, only to have him follow.  This is a wonderful story about Rachel's journey from trudging through life to daring to hope again.  It's painful at times to see just how beat down she is, but with Jon's patience and attention, we see her bloom into a new woman.  There's one group scene, as well as very brief f/f interactions.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and plan on reading the other books in this series.

Carla gives this book a


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