Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Loving Laney by Lorna Jean Roberts

Loving Laney
By: Lorna Jean Roberts
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419930522
Genre: Paranormal
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.95

As the first installment of the “Shadowpeak Wolves” series by Lorna Jean Roberts did not disappoint me as a reader.  Cooper, the new Alpha for the Shadowpeak pack, stumbled upon a lone female wolf in the middle of nowhere in a rundown restaurant. He was immediately aware of her presence long before she knew he was there and watched her from afar.

Laney sensed him the minute she entered the dining area.  Fear racked her body and soul. How did he find her? Did Zachary send him? Rejecting his advances and finally getting the sexy stranger to leave her alone, Laney feared that Zachary had sent him to bring her home.  Her lucky star faded quickly when she found him leaning against her car as she left after work.

Cooper’s instinct as pack Alpha kicked in the moment he saw her. His need to protect her was overwhelming and it would take everything he had to convince her let him drive her home.  He needed to make sure she was safe. But, who was going to save Laney from Cooper.   After a night of intense passion and soul bearing, Laney awoke and her fear was consuming and smoothing.  Screaming and yelling, she forced Cooper to leave. Reluctantly, he left leaving her alone and unprotected.  

As the new Alpha to the Shadowpeak Wolves, Cooper had his hands full trying to resolve the tension left from his predecessor.   His enforcers were handpicked and trustworthy. Ryan, one of three brothers who served him, spoke one day of his sister, Delaney who was alone somewhere in the states. When pressed, Ryan told a story of punishment and terror his sister received at the hands of her father, Zachary, the packs prior Alpha.  Slowly, Cooper began piecing the pieces together…Delaney…???Laney.  Three weeks had passed since he laid eyes on her.  Quickly the pack teamed up to bring Laney home, but no one was prepared for what they found when they got there.  Cooper nursed Laney back to health and as he did, their love grew, but he had no idea how her past would haunt them both.

I absolutely love this storyline. Lorna creates desirable and sexy men who crave the most unsuspecting women to fall in love with.  The Shadowpeak Wolves are fiercely protective, passionate lovers.  The sex is swoon-worthy and leaves you squirming in your seat. I love the character Laney. She embraces her inner brat and provokes Cooper into doing the most sinfully delicious things to her as punishment….if that is what you want to call it. This series leaves the door open for so many possibilities. 

Michele gives this book

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