Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Coyote Whispers by Rhian Cayhill

Review: Coyote Whispers
Author: Rhian Cayhill
ISBN: 9781419936265
Publisher: Ellora‘s Cave
Genre: Paranormal
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.95

When ‘Doc‘ Gordie returns to Whispering Springs to run her father‘s clinic, she finds danger and love in the arms of Steve, a coyote shifter. Doc became a shifter through marriage to her deceased husband but felt guilt at loving Steve since her teens and therefore keeps him at arm‘s length.

Steve has built the house of his dreams up in the mountains but only one thing is missing. He wants Doc in his arms and in his bed as his mate for life. When her life is endangered, Steve does everything in his power to save her and stands by her side through it all.

A rogue coyote shifter, Marcus, is out to kill Doc after he is banished from the pack for good. At first she finds things missing or moved in her clinic and home but soon is attacked and nearly dies but for the intervention of Steve.

Finally, Steve gets what he wants but has to prove to Doc that she belongs with him. The greatest challenge is to help her find her coyote side and accept that she should stay.

This `tail` is a fast paced page turner filled with lots of hot romance and mystery. I highly recommend it as a good read.

Bobbi gives this book 4-1/2

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I love the title...sounds like something I would like.