Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review: Chasing Cassie by Lorna Jean Roberts

Title: Chasing Cassie
By: Lorna Jean Roberts
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Werewolf, Romance, Spanking
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.20

Shy and meek, Cassie Callington has lived her whole life in the small town of Landon.  She shares this little town with the Shadowpeak Wolf Pack who walk among the residents. The town folk are aware of the pack, some being less tolerant than others. Cassie and Laney, mate to the packs alpha male, Cooper, have opened a bookstore together. However, due to recent threats against Laney she is always under the protection of two enforcers, Dusty and Jay, her brother.  Secretly Cassie has lusted over Jay, but he seems to be interested in Dusty, who exudes sex appeal and sassiness.

One evening at a BBQ, Laney catches Cassie watching Jay and Dusty. She tells her that everyone knows that she likes Jay...they can smell her arousal. Cassie runs into the woods to escape the embarrassment. Soon, she finds herself being chased by the one person she was running away from….Jay.  The intensity quickly escalates between them as he pins her to a tree.  Kissing quickly turns to petting and primal sex under the moon.  Jay had sworn off human women when his last girlfriend convinced him to shift into his wolf form and then had him arrested. The wall that he built around his heart quickly crumbles thanks to Cassie.

With an explosion at the bookstore that nearly killed Laney, Dusty and Cassie, the pack swoops in protect it‘s own…including Cassie. When Jay is sent as an enforcer with Dusty to a “special” hospital, Cassie’s fears resurface when he doesn’t call to check up on her. After recovering from her injuries, she enlists Laney’s help to disappear using the bombing of the bookstore as an excuse to fun.  Laney arranges for her live in Addison, Nebraska. A small town that she had lived in and still had friends she could trust to take care of Cassie. Little did Cassie know, Jay was fighting inner-pack protocol to get back to her. Jay pleaded with Laney and Cooper to help him find her, so he could explain what happened and protect her.  Laney, understanding her brothers need to be with Cassie, divulges her location.

It didn’t take Jay long to find Cassie, but he wasn’t expecting her new makeover when he did.  Inside and out, she had totally transformed from the quiet girl he knew from Landon.

I really enjoyed Jay and Cassie. The dynamics between them was incredible.  As a reader, you could feel the passion between them, even as they struggled with their emotions, and when they finally do… out!  With the introduction of new characters as she is in Addison, the author has the possibility to create a series. The way the pack accepts her initially as one of their own is heartwarming. I would definitely love to see this story become a series. The characters are all lovable and real as they evolve through the story. Absolutely loved this story….and the sex wasn’t half bad either. :) Jay is an amazing character in the way that he loves Cassie. Oh…and by the way we do find out what the “B” stands for.

Michelle gives this book

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