Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review: Wet Heat by Jan Springer

Title: Wet Heat
Author: Jan Springer
 Publisher: Ellora's Cave
 Genre: Vampire, Erotic Romance,
 ISBN: 9781419933516
 Format: E-Book

 Matilda Smith, was a vampire blood slave and held in captivity by an evil man.  One night as he lay asleep, Mati escaped. Near death, she was found by the gate to beautiful Italian manor that was owned by Paola and Gio and loved them, but feared her captors will seek out their property at all costs. She ran again into the human world and created a safe haven for female vampires where sex was taboo.

During her time with Gio and Paolo, the three of them developed a deep psychological link.  When that link is reconnected, Mati's sexuality is reawakened forcing her to break rule number one....no sex. Seeking entrance to a bordello to satisfy her need, she is given to two men who ravish her body and soul. However, something seemed a little to familiar to Mati about her two male servants.

As John and Paul watch Mati wander about the room through a one way mirror, they are reminded of the woman that they loved and lost so many years ago.  You see, they have a secret of their own.

Wet Heat was a quick read (60 pages) and able to complete it in a couple hours.  The sex was steamy, but even better with two. Gio and Paolo were very attentive lovers, taking and giving pleasure. The story was simple in theory, yet different than other vampire stories that I have read.

Michele gives this book

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