Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: Three to Get Ready by Tere Michaels

Three to Get Ready
By: Tere Michaels
ISBN: 9781419934872
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Romance, M/M/F, D/s
Format: E-Book
Price: $5.95

Nick and Riley had been friends and roommates for years. As Riley prepares for his upcoming wedding with Lily, he grapples with his divided love....Lily and Nick. Both men suppress their feelings thinking the other would deny the love. Lily, being the headstrong woman that she is, rules Riley mind, body and soul...right down to the strap on she uses to give Riley what he needs.

Lily...strong, beautiful and ever insightful. Seeing right through the two most important men in her life, she sets the wheel in motion that will bring these three together. As Lily and Nick danced at her wedding, she draws his attention to the fact that Riley watches with hunger filled eyes. Lily draws herself up under Nick's chin and whispers words of secret desires. Nick, however, is not sure what how to interpret the feelings that she stirs deep within. Could it be that secretly Riley has harbored feelings for him as well?

While on their honeymoon, Riley and Lily decide to explore Nick’s feelings. However, while they are away Nick struggles with his own feelings of abandonment now that his two dear friends are married and starting a new life together....without him. Nick returns to the private club for some play time, but his heart just isn't in it. As he is leaving, he bumps into a former play partner, Steven, who won't take no for an answer and continues to press for a deeper relationship.

Weeks have passed since Riley and Lily have returned from their honeymoon and not a word from them. However, he was not far from their minds. They developed a play to integrate Nick into their new life. With an invitation for dinner, Nick goes to their new house with beer in hand unsure of what the night will bring. After dinner and some liquid courage, Lily makes her move and initiates the plan they hatched. Initially, Riley plays off that it is more for Lily, but secretly wanting it for himself too.

I absolutely loved this story. Watching their love triangle grow with each contributing something the others needed. Then the author throws in the drama with Steven and his stalking of Nick, Riley and Lily. The reality of the blackmail that could happen in the real world that happens to people who work and try to hide their true selves. The love between these three....emotional and physical was off the charts. Intimacy to a whole new level, Lily loving Riley and knowing what he needed and willingly embrace it. Truly understanding Nick's struggle with his feelings of "out man out" in a friendship with a married couple. I just can't say how much I love this story. 

Michele gives this book

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