Monday, February 6, 2012

Review: The One by Lora Leigh

The One
By: Lora Leigh
ISBN: 9781419934414
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Erotica
Format: E-Book
Price: $4.45

Brenna Laine grew up in Samuels Creek, Texas with her mother, step father and Jase, her by all intense and purposes her step brother. Poppa Jason raised Bren, as he so lovingly referred to her as, after her mother died on his bull ranch. She secretly hid her feelings for Jase all these years. Now, grown adults, Bren still pines for the dark and sexy Jase, and he still considers her the little sister that needs protecting. Poppa Jason sees right through both of them though.

Returning home to celebrate Jase's birthday, Bren struggles with her feeling as she watches him with his personal assistant getting closer as the party draws on. She is unable to endure watching this woman get what she has wanted...Jase. Even after Poppa Jason's prompting, Bren decides to leave the ranch knowing that Jase and his assistant will end up in his bed having mind-blowing sex. She has heard all the stories of him and his women, and knowing how great of a lover he is.

Bren quickly escapes to her room to pack and leave without saying good-bye to Jase. However, a little birdie told him she was not feeling well and retired early to her room. Concerned, Jase seeks her out. Following the advice of Poppa Jason, she takes advantage of the opportunity and kisses Jase and when he responds her fire is ignited with intimate touches and passionate kisses, but then is quickly extinguished. He blames his behavior on alcohol as she confesses his feelings, but rejection is all she felt. She left the ranch that night and went back to New York and school.

Tragedy brings Bren back to the ranch...Poppa Jason has died and his will left very specific wishes to be carried out. Bren must live on the ranch for three months with Jase and not disclose the details of Poppa's wishes and if she doesn't then Jase will lose the ranch. So, Bren returns to the ranch with the memories of their time together fresh in her mind.

Their time together reveals true emotions. Blazing hot sex and honest confessions allow Bren and Jase to view each other with untainted eyes.

The author did a phenomenal job in just 77 pages. She built them up, tore them down and created a new love. These characters knew each other and their desires burned slowly over the years as they denied themselves each other. I loved Bren's innocence and open-hearted love that she has for Jase. And Jase, well he was built for sex....dark hair, broad shoulders, the body that screams that he knew his way around a bull ranch. He demanded control and Bren easily handed it over.

Michele gives this book

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