Monday, January 2, 2012

Review: Needing Harte by Marilu Mann

Review: Needing Harte
By: Marilu Mann
ISBN: 9781419930584
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Erotica,M/M
Format: E-book
Price: $4.45

Detective Harte Donovan was not expecting the immediate attraction he felt when he walked into the strip club while investigating a murder. Harte had not openly recognized his homosexuality to his co-workers for fear of how the force would respond. Ramey Nichols sensed that there was more to Harte than met the eye. Gay...yes. Dom...definitely had the potential.

As part of the "1-800-DOM-help" series, the passion quickly ignites between Harte and Ramey. Sensing Harte's floundering, Jason Winters, the owner of Pulse and Ramey's friend, invites Harte for coffee to discuss the murder of his friend. Harte's first reaction to Jason as he begins talking of sexual dominance is one of denial. As their conversation ends, Jason hands him a white business card with black script...."1-800-DOM-help". Denying the help, the card is left behind only to be discovered on Hartes' counter when he returns home. Totally confused about finding the card and curious about what he may learn, he makes the call. 

Reluctantly, he makes the call that will forever change him. Spending hours upon hours talking with Master Thomas, Harte has a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle and that he might have a place in it after all. Ramey, the gentle soul that he is, helps Harte discover his true nature.

Let’s not forget that there is a murderer on the loose. Who do you think the hero will be?

The sex was ...... like a raging inferno, consuming everyone and everything. The BDSM of this story fairly light and easy to follow. As Harte was learning, the reader was also privy to the explanations that were given. I enjoyed this story as it was a quick read and moved right along. The "1-800-DOM-help" series is a great compilation of stories by a variety of authors giving variability to the series and worth checking out.

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  1. Hi Michele,

    Thanks for the great review! I'm so glad you enjoyed Harte and Ramey's story. :)


    Marilu Mann