Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: Demons Like it Hot by Sidney Ayers

Demons Like it Hot (Demons Unleashed #2)
by: Sidney Ayers
$6.99 mass market paperback
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Paranormal Romance
Released: December 2011

As a demon mercenary, Matthias has never been too concerned with right or wrong, at least until he met Serah.  Too bad his job was to betray her, but at the last second he changed his mind.  To this day he doesn't understand what it is about her that made him botch his first job in hundreds of years.  All he knows is she's irresistable to him, which means he needs to keep his distance. 

When he's given the assignment of guarding Serah from demon assassins, he doesn't think he has the willpower to keep his hands to himself.  She's the light to his dark, and although it will slowly kill him, he agrees to keep her safe.

Serah doesn't think she needs a demon bodyguard, she just needs people to leave her alone so she can focus on the cooking show she signed her catering business up for.  She doesn't believe there are demons coming to kill her-that is, until a narrow brush with death makes her change her mind.  She's not to keen on her bodyguard, but as the days go by, she begins to feel drawn to him, like she's known him before.  Trying to keep her hands off his smokin' hot body it getting harder too, but she knows something between them would never work, since they are so different.

But maybe love can conquer all...

This is the second book to the series, and I found myself with a few questions, since whatever happened originally between Matthias and Serah took place in the first book that I didn't read.  I'd say read the first book before you pick this up to avoid confusion.  The story started out good, with the characters and story flowing nice, but once the two characters started developing feelings for each other, I had a hard time with it.  There was too much bouncing between "I hate you" and "I want you" for me to be comfortable with.  I'm a fan of books on demons, but I'm sorry to say this book didn't do anything for me.

Carla gives this book a

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