Thursday, November 3, 2011

Review: Queenie's Brigade by Heather Massey

Queenie's Brigade
by: Heather Massey
$5.49 e-book
Red Sage Publishing
Sci-Fi Romance
Released: 2011

The war has been lost, and the last battleship defending Earth has been forced to run away or risk being destroyed.  But hope is not lost.  Captain Michael Drake knows they can win against the alien invaders, if only they can find an army big enough. 

After a dangerous hyperspace jump lands them at an abandoned prison colony, Michael is hoping to at least find enough parts to fix his crippled ship.  What he finds instead is a ruthless gang of escaped convicts led by Queenie, their dangerous and sexy leader.  Queenie takes him and his crew prisoner and tries to steal his ship, only to realize how damaged it really is.  Figuring slave labor's the way to go, she forces Michael and his crew to fix the ship, not realizing Michael has an ulterior motive for cooperating - he plans to enlist Queenie's crew to help him fight the aliens who have taken over Earth. 

And when the aliens find their secret base, can Michael and Queenie put aside their differences long enough to work together, or they doomed before the first shot is even fired?

This is one of those "What if...?" stories.  In this one, Earth has been taken over by a group of aliens who share our DNA and have destroyed their own planet.  Michael just wants to win the war and save all the people that were stuck on Earth, but he needs a crew to do that.  What better crew than a group of hardened criminals?  It's easier said than done.  Queenie and Michael are both leaders, both of them used to getting their way.  Because of this, they're constantly butting heads and unwilling to trust the other, despite the passion that burns just under the surface.  It's a great story about two groups that are forced to work together if they want to survive the alien ships bearing down on them, and about how the term "opposites attract" holds true.

Carla gives this book a

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