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Interview with Paranormal Romance author D.B. Reynolds

Today we have with us Paranormal Romance author and my friend D.B. Reynolds!!
Welcome back to RomFan Reviews D.B. thank you so much for joining us today on such short notice.  

Thank you, Annette. It’s great to be here as always!

DUNCAN made his appearance early and was released on November 15th, can you tell us about his story?

My readers all know Duncan as Raphael’s lieutenant, where he’s been for nearly the entire 150 years that he’s been a vampire. Raphael is his Sire, the vampire who turned him. But now it’s time for Duncan to claim his own territory, and he wants Washington, D.C., which is ruled over by an ancient Vampire Lord named Victor. The Vampire way for Duncan to claim the territory is to defeat Victor, which means killing him in a one-on-one challenge. After defeating the powerful vampire lord, Duncan discovers the depths of Victor’s depravity and sets out to dig it out at the roots, even if that means getting rid of the corrupt humans who are in it up to their ears!  While Duncan is doing this, he meets Emma Duquet. Emma’s roommate has been playing with Victor, which is a very dangerous game indeed, and now she’s disappeared. Emma is determined to find out what’s happened to her roommate. She storms the official Vampire residence in D.C., thinking to confront Victor, and finds Duncan instead. As the two of them fall in lust and eventually love, they dig into Victor’s affairs, confronting treacherous vampires and murderous humans in their quest to learn the truth. 

     Your next book is going to be about another Vampire in America Lucas, what can you tell us so far?

Lucas is Lord of the Plains Territory, which sits next to Raphael’s Western Territory. He is another of Raphael’s vampire children, although hardly anyone knows this, since Lucas was made Vampire by Raphael before they came to this country. Raphael and Lucas don’t advertise their bond, preferring to keep it a secret whenever possible. Lucas is irreverent, with a wicked sense of humor, but when push comes to shove, he’s a formidable enemy. He can turn from wicked bad boy into powerful vampire lord in the blink of an eye, and you’ll never see it coming. He’s also sexy as hell and loves women of all shapes, sizes and ages. And they love him back.  When Lucas’s book begins, he’s in the middle of a war with the Midwestern Vampire Lord, so be prepared for some vampire bloodfests. At the same time, Lucas has to deal with a visit from the FBI in the person of Katherine Hunter who’s chasing down a missing person she believes has disappeared into the vampire community. Lucas looks at Katherine and sees a challenge. Katherine looks at Lucas and knows she should run, not walk, straight back to her tidy home in Virginia.  

Will we be seeing more Vampires in America in the future?

My current contract is for eight books. Duncan is #5. But my publisher and I are discussing a future beyond those eight. In the meantime, in response to reader demand, I’ll be writing a series of novellas featuring Raphael and Cyn. The other characters might pop up here and there, but the novellas will center around just Raphael and Cyn. They’ll be released in between future books, and will initially be in e-format only, although we will eventually combine two or more novellas into a single print book, as well. I also have an e-anthology of my Vampire Vignettes coming out for Valentine’s Day, which will include all of the existing Vignettes, plus two original, and much longer, Vignettes which will only appear in the e-anthology, and which will include Raj and Sarah’s wedding weekend. 

     When you start writing do you outline your story first or do you just go with the flow and start typing?

I always outline my stories ahead of time, even the novellas and Vignettes, but my outlines are flexible. If the story wants to go a different direction, I’ll go there. But I always know how the story will begin and how it will end, and I usually outline all the major scenes in between.

Many authors have both a daytime job and their writing how about you?

I don’t work full-time anymore, although I used to. I was in television/movie post-production, where 12 hour days are the norm, and at certain times of the year, 7 days a week. When my darling husband decided to retire early, he wanted someone to play with, so I quit my job, too. And that’s when I really started writing.

When you take a break from writing what are some of the things you enjoy doing?

Mostly I enjoy reading and movies. But I also like to travel. There are many places I want to see and things I want to do before the end! I also work out regularly, but I don’t enjoy that, so it doesn’t count!!

Any advice you would like to give to future authors trying to get their start?

I always say the same thing when asked this question. If you want to be a writer, you have to write, and you have to let others see your writing. Not your mom and dad, or your significant other, but other writers who will give you honest critiques. One of the toughest things to accept when a writer first gets started is the need to throw away some of your favorite scenes, because they just don’t work for the reader. You have to be willing to listen to your fellow writers and see that maybe what made sense in your head doesn’t work as well to anyone else!  And then you have to submit your work to editors/agents, often deal with rejection, and keep writing anyway.

I am going to do something a little different just a few quickie questions:

      Background noise or quiet while writing?

Generally quiet, although I can work anywhere. But I don’t play music of my own when I write. It’s too distracting.

      Ebook or the real deal?

I was one of those who couldn’t imagine giving up my paper books, but now I utterly and completely love my Kindle. I pretty much don’t buy paper books anymore at all. I do occasionally acquire a signed copy of a book for a keepsake, but then I buy the e-version to read.

      Favorite Color?

Black. Or if I must wear a color, then probably blue.

      Coffee or Tea? Or like me neither one lol…

I don’t like the taste of either one! Not even in desserts or candy or ice cream, or anything else. I especially don’t like coffee. It smells great, but tastes awful.

Where can readers find out more about your books and contact you?

They can visit my blog at

Thank you so much D.B. for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here with us today and for your amazing friendship. 
Thank you, Annette! I love your blog and love visiting with you.  Hugs!

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