Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Interview with Ellora's Cave author Regina Carlysle

Today we have with us Ellora’s Cave author Regina Carlysle (pictured with l-r Desiree Holt, Cerise Deland and Regina) who we had the great pleasure of meeting at EC Romanticon.  Thank you Regina for joining us at EC week!!

Can you tell us a little about your book Return of the Daredevil which was released in August?
 Return of the Daredevil is book two of the Delight, Texas series and tells the story of the younger Dobbs brother, T and his homecoming during the town of Delight’s Peach Festival. There he hooks up with Melanie Honeycutt, the great love of his life. Melanie is Delight’s girls basketball coach and the reluctant co-ordinator of the annual Miss Peach Delight contest. The first book in the series featured the middle Dobbs brother, Cooper, and his reunion with cowboy boot designer Harley June Baker. This book released at EC in the spring and I’m currently working on the final book in the series, Return to Ransom. Ransom is the oldest Dobbs brother. 

What can we look forward to next from you?
My next release is in EC’s anthology, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 2, featuring bestselling author and owner of Ellora’s Cave, Jaid Black. My story is a paranormal shifter/ménage called Tinderbox which is a sequel to Jaguar Hunger (EC, 2010).  I’m not quite sure about the release date yet but I suspect it’ll come out sometime around the first of the year. I’m also working on Return to Ransom (book 3 of the Delight, Texas series) and Santana’s Touch, a paranormal shifter ménage and book 3 of the Savage Sanctuary series.

Do you get to have any part in the covers that grace your books?
Sort of! EC’s cover artists are incredible. I usually give them an idea of the ‘tone’ of the story, the setting, and a vague description of the hero and heroine and they take it from there.

We learned at Romanticon how Desiree Holt does her research of sexual positions using Barbie and Ken dolls many now with broken body parts. How do you do your research?  I warned you I had a good one inspired by Desiree lol.
SNICKER…nothing Desiree does surprises me. I don’t use dolls and such. Nothing all that exciting! I pull my sex scenes straight from my imagination.

When you get some down time what would we find you doing?
Down time? Ha. What’s that? I read, of course, and sometimes chill out with a movie. Most of my free time is spent on assorted decorating projects around my house. At the moment, I’m redoing my kitchen and a small bathroom. We’ve also just bought a vacation home. It’s a gorgeous Mediterranean style house overlooking a blue, blue Texas lake and it’s basically empty right now so I’m scouring furniture stores, etc. This stuff keeps me plenty busy. I also love spending time with my college-aged daughter and son! Sometimes when things get overwhelming, I head off to spend a few days with them just to catch up on the happenings in their lives. Yes…sigh…I’m an empty-nester and it sucks sometimes.

Who are some fellow authors you enjoy reading?
I love love all the authors of the Sassy Seven. They are my favorites and I know that everything they write is smokin’ hot and well written. These ladies write good, good stuff!

Any advice you would like to give to future authors?
Keep writing. Getting that first book published usually doesn’t happen overnight. Read lots of different genres and don’t let rejections discourage you. This is a tough business requiring a tough skin. What one publisher may hate, another may LOVE. Sign up for one or two writing workshops. There are plenty of good ones out there where you’ll find encouragement and hints to make your writing shine.

How can readers learn more about you and your books?
That’s easy! Here are links where you can find me:
You can also find me killing time on both Facebook and Twitter. Come and “friend” me!

Thank you Regina for your time both at Romanticon and here today I look forward to seeing you again at Romanticon next year.
I’ll be there. Just booked my room! YAY!
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Now for one lucky person Regina is giving away a copy of one of her books from her backlist.  Just leave a comment with your email and you are entered to win.  Contest is open until December 3rd at 11:59 pm and you MUST leave an email address to be entered.

 And remember RomFan is also giving away a $25 Ellora's Cave Gift Certificate to one person see details (here)


  1. Great interview, Regina. I'm so glad to be in the Sassy Seven with you, and I love, love, love everything you've written. You have such a great way with defining your characters. And these two books in the Delight series are 5 star.

  2. Awesome interview! Regina is one of my favorite people as well as being one of my favorite authors. You can't go wrong reading anything by her.

  3. Morning Regina. You've booked your room already? I haven't even registered yet. I've heard about the dolls, too. I am sooo looking forward to Ransom's story.


  4. Heeeey Des! You know I could've just smacked myself in the head. Totally forgot to mention all the members of the Sassy Seven with include YOU (of course), Cerise Deland, Nicole Austin, Sam Cayto, Brenna Zinn and Allie Standifer. Jeez...where was my head. Thank you BUCKETS for the wonderful compliments. Coming from YOU it's quite the thing!!!! LOVE LOVE

  5. Thank you my darling, Lex! I love YOU and your work as well. And my website looks amazing thanks to your creativity! MUAH!

  6. GAHHH Marika! I'd booked my room earlier but the dates and venue for Romanticon changed so I have to do this again. It's on my list of to-do things today. Figure I'll actually register for Romanticon right after the first of the year and of course, you KNOW I wouldn't miss it. The best fun everrrrr. And yes, I'm working on Ransom's story right now and hope to have it to my editor before Christmas.

  7. Love it Regina!! And I swear I'm still going to find a way to bring my kids down to that lake house and jar up that quiet for you :) I"m going to be booking my room either today or tomorrow, and registering as soon as I know anything from Ann :) I hope I'm gonna be able to register as an author :D

    Much love Mama Regina!

  8. Oh Sugar! Thanks for coming by and yes, you are welcome to head down to Texas for a visit any time. Can't wait to see you at next years Romanticon!

  9. For anyone who's NOT read Regina's work...She's AWESOME! And so are the Sassy Seven:)

    Reg, RT is going to be held in Chicago...any chance you'll be there? Planning to drive up for the booksigning. And yes, STILL trying to make it to RomantiCon! (And maybe one day the SS will become the 'Elite Eight'? LOL!)

    aka Kenzie Michaels

  10. (Head slap)
    email addy:

  11. Hiiii Molly! Dang it, woman! Wish you'd get your heiney to Romanticon. Dying to meet you in person! Verdict is still our on RT. I'd love to do it.

  12. SWEET, REGINA!!! Great interview, babe. Wonderful to see you here and to laugh with you. (Yes, Reg has a dry wit.) It comes through in her writing. One other thing I will say about her books is that the hero and heroine are always sweet folks at heart. Believable. Funny and dear. I like that in my ALPHA MEN, especially. Makes Likable! lickable. yes. not a typo. lickable!
    (ADORE THIS PIX OF THE # of us too. A keeper!)

  13. Lickable! Lick-a-licious? Hey, I like that! Love you too, my darlin' Cerise and the pic is so pretty of us. What a great keepsake from Romanticon.

  14. Great interview. Barbie and Ken dolls...I would never have thought of that. lol

  15. Great interview, Reg!
    Love the picture of the Texas EC gals. I wish you all could hear Regina's accent. It's like honey.

  16. It's actually a great idea, isn't it, NJ? I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the image of Des sitting at her kitchen table, putting Barbie and Ken into all those kinky positions.

  17. Reggie, Baby.. Had to leave a comment.. cuz I don't know that I beleive all of those love scenes come from your imagination.

    I've met your cute little self.. with that adorable Texas accent.. I'm sure that you've done some indepth investigation with your very own research assistant.. I'm gonna have to meet him so I can name him.. YOU know how I love to do that..

    Love ya Reg..

    HOLY MOLY.. do you know that NJ Walters left a comment..I love her writing .. Damn.. your famous.. Wow.. can I have your autograph….

    I love you Regina..

  18. Awwww. You are the sweetest thing, Ash! Hope you plan to come to Romanticon next year. I'd love to give you a hug.

  19. SNORT. Sherry, you can have my autograph any old time and you know it. Shhhh...I DO have a research assistant and I've been married to him for 29 years. Lots of 'research' goin' on! LOL. BTW...I'm rather partial to your New England accent too. Did you know I practiced it when I got home from Romanticon? I could NOT duplicate it though I tried. Baaaa Haaaaabaaaaa. (Bar Harbor)bwahahahaha

  20. Hey Regina, Awesome interview. Return of the Daredevil sounds like another hit, and another one to put on my list. :) Such a blast to see you gals at Romanticon. Can't wait until next year.

  21. Great interview!! Something Wicked This Way Comes sounds HOTTTTT!!!! It is fun to check into Elora's cave to see what you are up to. Usually after I see if you have anyhing new, I venture into the land of the "Others". LOL Tinderbox and Santana's Touch also sound like must haves. I CANNOT WAIT. I hope your vacation home brings mucho inspiration because whatever stokes you now, gives us greedy readers happy times. Thanks for all the good reading times!!!

  22. Great interview. Can't wait to read the books. I love shifters! So sexy.

    I'm so sad I didn't get to meet any of you at Romanticon. Maybe 2012.

  23. Thanks for the great interview. I am still talking about RomantiCon and all of the people I met. You were all so nice to me, being a newbie and all I was a little nervous. I have these books on my wish list - because my book budget is exhausted for this year. :) I hope you all make it to RT. I haven't booked or registered for Ohio next year yet because I'm trying to convince one of my friends to come with me next time.
    Patti P
    musicalfrog at

  24. Fantastic interview, Regina! Can't wait to see you again at RomCom! HUGS!

  25. Kathy!!!! Honey, I can't wait to see you again. Romanticon was such a blast and I loved meeting your MISTER.

  26. Hi Cira! Right now I'm finding the vacation home VERY inspirational and there are times I really really need that! Have so many WIPs to get finished up so I'm hoping to have plenty of stuff out next year. Very excited about the anthology though. Will love hearing if my readers LIKE these shifters.

  27. Lynne! You MUST come to Romanticon. You can ask the ladies who have commented here. It's a total BLAST. I wouldn't miss it. Yes, I love shifters too and write them a LOT. Normally I'll write a shifter then switch to my small town Texas stories and then back again.

  28. Hi Patti! Good luck convincing your bud to come with you to Romanticon. If she's in ANY doubt, tell her to sign up for the Romanticon loop and we'll talk her into it! LOL.

  29. YAY! I'll see you there, Cindy! Can't wait. Is it really almost a whole year away. WAHHHHHHHH

  30. Love the interview! I always learn some neat things when I get the chance to read them.

    Return of the Daredevil sounds wonderful! I still need to get and read the first book though.

    Your vacation home sounds wonderful too!

    Happy Holidays!
    Deb T

  31. Hello, Regina! Enjoyed the interview!