Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Night Shift by Lilith Saintcrow

Night Shift (Jill Kismet #1)
by: Lilith Saintcrow
$6.99 mass market paperback
Orbit Books
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: July 2008

Jill Kismet's a Hunter, which means she's trained to deal with the nasties the regular cops can't handle.  Pulled off the streets as a teen and trained by the best Hunter in the business, Jill can handle almost anything the nightside throws at her.  Hellbreed, Traders, Scurf, Sorrows, she'll happily send them all back to Hell to keep her city safe.

When people start showing up dead, chunks of flesh eaten off, Jill thinks it's a simple rogue were case, but in truth it's much worse than that.  A Hellbreed is helping the rogue were, making the situation twice as deadly.  Since Hellbreed and Weres don't mix, Jill must figure out why the two are working together and fast, before the body count rises.

This is a great start to a great series.  Again, I've re-read books 1-5 so I was fresh for when book 6 hit the shelves.  This is a series unlike anything I've read before.  It's got your demons and magic, sure, but it's a much darker version than most books out there.  Following Jill around makes you realize just how dangerous the Hellbreed really are, and it makes you thankful there are Hunters out there willing to risk their lives to keep us safe.  It's a bloody action packed thriller from start to finish, and although some parts are pretty gruesome, I couldn't put the book down because I had to know what happened next.

For those that like their paranormal with a dark, bloody twist, you've got to give this series a try.

Carla gives this book a

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