Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Incubus by Angie West

by: Angie West
$3.99 e-book
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
Released: 2011
Book Trailer:

He came to her in a dream, a sensual lover who fulfilled her fantasies and made her feel cherished.  Too bad it was only for one night.  It would be another five years before he appeared to her again, a specter of her past who rouses feelings in her she was never able to shake.  In a way, she's waited for him all these years without knowing it.

When she finds out who and what he is, can she forsake her old life for a chance at true happiness, or will he forever remain just a dream lover?

This was a quick story about a girl who finds comfort with a boy, then grows up and finds love and acceptance in the arms of a dream lover.  He's an incubus, one who's waited years to have her, and he will not be denied.  It's a great love story about a woman who thinks she's imagining her sexy dream man, only to find out he's real, and what she does about it.  Despite the story's short length, I was satisfied with the ending.  A nice, quick read for anyone who wants a paranormal love story that's very mild, sex-wise.

Carla gives this book a

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