Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review: Land of Falling Stars by Keta Diablo

Land of Falling Stars
by: Keta Diablo
$3.99 eBook
Ravenous Romance
Historical Erotica
Released: July 2011

Sophia Whitfield is alone during the Civil War and trying to save her home while waiting for the man she loves and is supposed to marry.  She will protect what she has left anyway she can even if she has to shoot a Yankee.  How was she to know that the man she shot was her and Jesse’s childhood friend Gavin.

Gavin has come to deliver a letter to Sophia and move on with his guilt.  But, when she shoots him and he discovers the hard times that have fallen on her what else can he do for the woman he has always loved but help her.
When an accident leaves Sophia needing help Gavin will do whatever it takes to get her what she needs even if it means taking her to Boston and then walking away when she makes it perfectly clear she does not want him in her life.  Will these two make it past their anger and hurt or will they walk away forever?

Keta Diablo has brought another story that will make you feel as if you are right there living the lives of her characters.  LAND OF FALLING STARS is a love story that will make you laugh, cheer and cry not only does it highlight the story between two people she also brings back the haunting tale of a war that tore a country apart.  Definitely a must read!!! 

Annette gives this book a

Now Keta is in the process of doing blog tours so she has offered one lucky commenter a copy of her book  WHERE THE RAIN IS MADE. A winner will be drawn on October 30th 2011.



  1. Hi RomFan Reviews and friends,

    Thank you so much for hosting Land of Falling Stars on your lovely blog. So much information here. Thanks too for all you do to bring love of the written word to readers. You're a great support of authors.

    I so appreciate your kind words about Land of Falling Stars. I hope if your followers read the book, they'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing about Sophia and Gavin (and the wolfhound, Ricochet).

    Thanks for stopping by and good luck to everyone in the give-away,

    Namaste, Keta
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  2. Sounds very intriguing! :)

    Mary's Naughty Whispers

  3. I haven't read anything by Keta and this looks right up my reading alley! I believe you can never have enough books!
    Diana G