Thursday, September 15, 2011

Review: Magic on the Storm by Devon Monk

Magic on the Storm
Allie Beckstrom #4
by: Devon Monk
$7.99 mass market paperback
Roc Books
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: May 2010

The Authority's received notice of a wild storm coming their way, one filled with enough magic to destroy Portland.  Allie has been asked to help, even though she's still in training and isn't considered a full-fledged member yet.  But with tensions running high within the Authority's walls and an internal war about to be raged, they need all the help they can get if they plan to hold off the storm and keep their city from total ruin.

Allie's all for it, but she finds she's having a hard time balancing three different lives--and three different sets of lies.  The Authority isn't known to anyone, so she can't even tell the group of Hounds she looks after about them.  If it were up to her, she'd bring the Hounds into the group, but she's been told in no uncertain terms should that happen, Allie can kiss her memories goodbye.  Speaking of memories, she's still freaked out by her dad being in her head, as well as the slew of his memories she gets treated to at the oddest hours.  She's nothing if not stubborn, though, so she'll just have to weather the storm out and see what happens.

This book really starts to focus on the Authority in all its dysfunctional glory.  It shows us how two different groups have become so opposite in their views and ideals that they're getting ready to go to war over it.  As the new girl, Allie's not sure where to place her loyalties, but she figures as long as she has Zayvion by her side, she can't go wrong.  These books are great because they flow so smoothly from one book to the other, making it seem as if each book is a mere chapter into the whole, letting us see only a portion of what's going on before we're forced to wait in eager anticipation for the next installment.  Thank goodness I've got six books to read all at once.  Awesome series.

Carla gives this book a


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