Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review: Entwined by Elisabeth Naughton

Eternal Guardians #2
by: Elisabeth Naughton
$7.99 mass market paperback
Dorchester Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: June 2011


Zander is the descendant of Achilles and an Argonaut a defender of the human realm and of Argolea.  It is said that he cannot be killed he is truly immortal and he tired of living as he feels there is nothing to live for anymore he had found his soul mate to only have her walk away.  For ten years he has done his best to avoid her but when he volunteers to bond with the princess he has no choice as the king orders him to see their healer to verify he is healthy.

Callia as the healer in Argolea is not prepared to come in contact with Zander but when the king issues an order she has no choice but to follow it.  When it is announced that Zander is to marry the princess she realizes how much she can still feel the pain of a love that was betrayed.

When Zander is sent to the human realm to help the Misos colony from daemon attack he finds himself injured and Callia is brought to him to help him heal.  Things between them soon begin to heat up but they both cannot get past the hurt and betrayal and the fact that Callia may be Zander’s soul mate he also discovers she is his weakness her pain becomes his pain.  But, he is committed to another what will become of them now.

ENTWINED is the second book in the Eternal Guardians series and I was again drawn into the story.  I felt the pain that Zander and Callia went through especially Zander who is this big strong man and you are shown this part of him that the others don’t get to see.  Again Elisabeth Naughton delivers a spine tingling story that draws you into this new world.  

Annette gives this book a

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