Friday, September 30, 2011

Night Number One at Ellora's Cave Romanticon

As some of you know, Annette and I ventured out to the Ellora's Cave Romanticon this year.  Today is Friday and it marks the first full day of the convention.  Our day started with a yummy breakfast, followed by several different workshops.  We learned how to turn anything into a sex game, all about the 31 flavors of sex, and how to be an exotic dancer.

To make the day even better, we got to watch-and participate-in an actual photo shoot with the Ellora's Cave cover models.  Nothing like having a hot guy groping you in front of a camera to make you feel sexy. 

Once finished with the photo shoot and workshops, we got ready for the cave party.  Once there, we were treated to two groups of models doing a primitive dance while wearing nothing but loinclothes.

After a good meal, we danced the night away with several hunky guys, then finished the night getting our picture taken with the group of models.

Tomorrow starts Day Two of the festivities, and I can't wait to see what happens next. 


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