Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Vampire and the Virgin
Love at Stake #8
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Published: March 2010

After being captured by the Malcontents, all Robby can think about is revenge.  His boss orders him to take some time off, so he heads to Patmos to get better and try and relax.  He doesn't think anything will take his mind off of his need for revenge, and then he sees...her.  An angel peering at him through a telescope.  He knows he has to meet her.  When she disappears off the island, he knows he can't let this one get away, so he follows her back to the States.

All Olivia wants to do is relax at her grandmother's Patmos home and try to forget about the serial killer who's been stalking her.  A psychologist for the FBI, she knows he's in prison, so he can't hurt her anymore.  When he starts sending her gifts, she knows she can't stay and endanger her grandmother, even if it means leaving Robby, the sexy stranger she's been talking to at night. 

When assumptions are made, Olivia wants nothing to do with Robby, but realizes he's not one to give up when he sees something he wants, and that something is her.

This book shows you why making assumptions are bad, and the consequences of those assumptions.  When Olivia believes Robby to be working with the serial killer, she refuses to trust him or see him again, although it breaks her heart to do so.  But when the real bad guys come after her, she must turn to Robby for protection.  Kerrelyn Sparks does a good job pairing people together who would be good for each other, if only they can get over their own hang ups to be together.  This book is no exception.  Great characters and a great plot make this a book you can't put down until the very end.

Carla gives this book a


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