Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

Storm's Heart
Elder Races #2
by: Thea Harrison
$7.99 mass market paperback
Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2011

After the death of her uncle, the King of the Dark Fae, Tricks is the last remaining heir to the throne.  Reluctantly leaving New York and the protection of the Wyr, she heads to Chicago to be crowned the new Queen.  Although she's known this day would come, she'd really hoped it hadn't come so soon.  When an assassination attempt goes bad, Tricks disappears to lick her wounds and plan her attack, never thinking the Wyrs would send one of their own to hunt her down.

Tiago is a thunderbird, an ancient Wyr with the power to wield thunder.  He's never been close to Tricks, but once he hears she's disappeared after the assassination attempt, he's the first to offer to find her.  The few times he's met her she's intrigued him with her bravery, her feisty attitude and her pixie-like beauty.  When he does find her, she refuses to accept his help.  When another attempt is made on her life, however, she changes her mind.  Now the two must work together to unveil the enemies lurking in the shadows, ones who will do anything to see that Tricks doesn't take the throne.  Add to that a blinding, heated attraction and it can only spell disaster.

But hey, at least it's never boring.

This is the second book in the Elder Races series, and I'm still hooked.  I picked up the first one because I have an unhealthy fascination with dragons, and was enthralled by Thea Harrison and her ability to weave an amazing story full of passion and intrigue.  Tricks has amazing courage to do what needs to be done, even though the last thing she wants is to get sucked into Dark Fae politics, let alone be their ruler.  Tiago is your average he-man type, but because he's been around since the dawn of time (literally) he's become bored.  With Tricks around, he hasn't had such a good time in centuries.  This is the second of what will hopefully be a long-running series, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release in October 2011.

Carla gives this book a

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