Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Spirit of the Wolf by Vonna Harper

Spirit of the Wolf
by: Vonna Harper
$14.00 trade paperback
Paranormal Erotica
Released: August 2011

Matt started working at a cattle ranch to escape the ghosts of his past.  He's settled into a comfortable life, preferring the solitude of the open land and the satisfaction of a hard day's work.  When he meets Cat, he throws himself into the passion they stir together, happy to have found someone he can scratch his itch with. 

Yet somehow, it doesn't seem to be enough.  He's overcome with the urge to claim Cat in the most primal way possible, then howl to the moon that she's his.  Worse, he's begun seeing a large lone wolf prowling his lands, and he can't help but feel a strange kinship with this deadly predator. 

He must find out what the wolf wants before his cattle, and even worse, Cat's life are threatened.

Carla says:
This is the story about a man who tries to run from his past, only to have it come back with a vengeance to try and destroy everything he holds dear.  It's about a woman whose carnal urges towards a man start out innocent enough, but soon spiral out of control as he seems to slowly sink into madness, a madness she has no idea how to save him from.  The sex scenes in this book are hot, but most of them are borderline rape.  It's a real gray area.  Cat's brain says no, but her body says yes sort of thing.  The indecision that Cat goes through really started to irritate me, as I wasn't sure whether to hate Matt for his treatment of her or cheer them on.  I just had a hard time with this one, mostly for that reason.  It was a hot book and well written, just not for me.

Carla gives this book a

Annette says:
I had a difficult time at first getting into this story but I eventually found myself turning the next page.  As for the sex scenes I didn't know how to react the first couple times I am all for dominate men but at times it just was a little uncomfortable and I felt it bordered on force even though I knew Cat's body wanted it. The storyline and the plot were great it just took me some time to really get into it.

Annette gives this book



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