Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Embrace the Darkness
Guardians of Eternity #2
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: November 2007

Shay is sick of being used and mistreated.  She's half Shalott, a type of demon that hasn't been seen on earth for thousands of years.  Her blood is also an aphrodisiac to vampires.  After her mother died, she was abducted and sold into slavery to an evil coven of witches.  When the coven was destroyed, she was given back to the slave master to be resold.  This time when she's sold, she's completely taken back to find that a vampire is now her new master.  Not just any vampire, but a vampire she'd recently saved from an attack.  Figuring he's going to use her as a blood slave, she vows to fight him every step of the way.  Sure, she's attracted to his silver hair and take no prisoners attitude, but she also refuses to meekly bow to the whims of anyone.

Ever since Shay saved him weeks ago, Viper hasn't been able to get her out of his mind.  When he learns Shay's going to be sold at an auction, he buys her for himself.  He can't stomach the thought of the beautiful demon belonging to anyone buy him, and the thought of someone harming her makes him see red.  Although he tries to provide for her every comfort, she still doesn't trust him.  He must overcome her distrust if he wants a chance with her, but that's easier said than done.  He must also hunt down the ones who are determined to steal her and use her blood for their own selfish needs, something he will never allow to happen.

Book 2 is better than the first.  Just make sure you read these in order, otherwise this book will ruin the first one for you.  Shay has had to overcome tremendous odds, yet she's not broken inside.  She still manages to care for others, and although she's trained for violence, she'd rather avoid it if possible.  Viper's used to getting whatever he wants, and doesn't know how to react when Shay doesn't fall at his feet in appreciation.  It makes the character interaction all the better, because you have Viper and Shay butting heads over everything, yet at the same time are drawn to each other's strength and character.  Fun book, and I'm glad to see more of the world explained and more secondary characters brought in.

Carla gives this book a

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