Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Darkness Everlasting by Alexandra Ivy

Darkness Everlasting
Guardians of Eternity #3
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: May 2008

The last thing Styx wanted was to end up as king of the vampires, but fate doesn't care what you think.  As he settles into the task of keeping the bloodshed down to a minimum, he realizes the one thing he needs to do is get the unruly Weres to behave themselves.  They have been leaving their designated sanctuary and calling attention to themselves, and that's something Styx can't allow.  When he hears that Salvatore, king of the Weres, is in town searching for a woman, his plan falls into place.  If he finds and kidnappes the woman before Salvatore can, then he can use the woman as a bargaining tool against the arrogant Were king.  What he doesn't expect are the tender feelings for the spiky-haired vixen he has locked in his bedroom.  When he learns who Darcy is, he knows she'll make a powerful bargaining tool, but after spending time with her, isn't sure he'll be able to give her up.

Darcy has tried to keep her head down and live her life.  It hasn't been easy, but the freakish gifts she's been cursed with have guaranteed she can never have a normal life.  When she's kidnapped by an Aztec god with fangs, she knows her life will never be the same.  A prisoner to the dark, brooding vampire king, her only thoughts should be on escaping, not mentally undressing him every time he walks in the room.  It's hard to remember she's still a prisoner when he gives her every comfort she can think of.  For someone who grew up on the streets, she doesn't know what to make of his unexpected generosity, and fears a trap.  But the only trap may be to her heart.  When Salvatore contacts her and dangles information about her past in front of her face, she must decide whether to go after the knowledge she's wanted since she was a child, or staying with the one vampire who may be the only one who truly understands her.

In this story, Styx is a badass who's only goal is to carve out a better life for the vampires under his rule.  He doesn't like having to shed blood to accomplish it, but knows it's the only way.  He's always been a solitary predator, putting the other vampires' needs above his own.  After meeting Darcy his views and beliefs are put to the test, as is his heart.  Darcy grew up thinking she was a freak because of her unnatural strength, but comes to find out it's a part of who she is, and must learn to accept the part of herself she's always resented.  Book four is better than the last ones have been, and I'm really starting to get into the series now.

Carla gives this book a


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