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Review: Darkness Revealed by Alexandra Ivy

Darkness Revealed
Guardians of Eternity #4
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: March 2009

Two hundred years ago, a dangerous night of passion with a mysterious stranger changed Anna's life, and not for the better.  Since then she's struggled to keep her head down and survive, but she wants more out of life.  After hearing the sexy but arrogant Cezar will be back in the States, she decides to confront him about what he did to her and finally get the answers she so desperately needs.

Too bad he doesn't have the answers she wants.  For two hundred years Cezar's been punished by the Commission for that one night of passion, yet he can't seem to get Anna out of his mind.  When she storms up to him at a party demanding answers, the only thing he can think about is getting her back into his bed, consequences be damned.  He knows better than to go against the Commision, so he tries to behave.  When unseen enemies try and kill Anna, it's up to Cezar to keep her safe.  But how can he keep her safe when Anna's powers turn out to be more deadly than his own?  Not to mention the burning lust he feels whenever she's near him.  It will take all of his considerable skill to keep her alive and safe, but he makes no promises about seducing her...

Anna has some crazy powers, although she doesn't have the slightest clue how to control or use them.  She blames Cezar, but in truth the powers were already hers, and the night she met Cezar was the catalyst for a huge shift in her beliefs and life.  Cezar is your typical arrogant vampire, although his fierce desire to protect her is commendable.  This book had a few twists and turns I wasn't expecting, and the characters were compelling and real. 

Carla gives this book a

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Review: Spirit of the Wolf by Vonna Harper

Spirit of the Wolf
by: Vonna Harper
$14.00 trade paperback
Paranormal Erotica
Released: August 2011

Matt started working at a cattle ranch to escape the ghosts of his past.  He's settled into a comfortable life, preferring the solitude of the open land and the satisfaction of a hard day's work.  When he meets Cat, he throws himself into the passion they stir together, happy to have found someone he can scratch his itch with. 

Yet somehow, it doesn't seem to be enough.  He's overcome with the urge to claim Cat in the most primal way possible, then howl to the moon that she's his.  Worse, he's begun seeing a large lone wolf prowling his lands, and he can't help but feel a strange kinship with this deadly predator. 

He must find out what the wolf wants before his cattle, and even worse, Cat's life are threatened.

Carla says:
This is the story about a man who tries to run from his past, only to have it come back with a vengeance to try and destroy everything he holds dear.  It's about a woman whose carnal urges towards a man start out innocent enough, but soon spiral out of control as he seems to slowly sink into madness, a madness she has no idea how to save him from.  The sex scenes in this book are hot, but most of them are borderline rape.  It's a real gray area.  Cat's brain says no, but her body says yes sort of thing.  The indecision that Cat goes through really started to irritate me, as I wasn't sure whether to hate Matt for his treatment of her or cheer them on.  I just had a hard time with this one, mostly for that reason.  It was a hot book and well written, just not for me.

Carla gives this book a

Annette says:
I had a difficult time at first getting into this story but I eventually found myself turning the next page.  As for the sex scenes I didn't know how to react the first couple times I am all for dominate men but at times it just was a little uncomfortable and I felt it bordered on force even though I knew Cat's body wanted it. The storyline and the plot were great it just took me some time to really get into it.

Annette gives this book



Kerrelyn Sparks Interview Winner!!!

We have randomly drawn a  winner for a signed copy of Vampire Mine from Kerrelyn Sparks using and the winner is:

Jihyun Kim

Congratulations Jihyun!!!  

Also, again a BIG Thank You to Kerrelyn for giving us time out of her busy schedule to do this interview.  The interview became our second largest in page hits in the time we have been up and running and also the number one highest number of comments ever!!! So, thank you to all those who visited the page and left comments you are all amazing!!


Review: Darkness Everlasting by Alexandra Ivy

Darkness Everlasting
Guardians of Eternity #3
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: May 2008

The last thing Styx wanted was to end up as king of the vampires, but fate doesn't care what you think.  As he settles into the task of keeping the bloodshed down to a minimum, he realizes the one thing he needs to do is get the unruly Weres to behave themselves.  They have been leaving their designated sanctuary and calling attention to themselves, and that's something Styx can't allow.  When he hears that Salvatore, king of the Weres, is in town searching for a woman, his plan falls into place.  If he finds and kidnappes the woman before Salvatore can, then he can use the woman as a bargaining tool against the arrogant Were king.  What he doesn't expect are the tender feelings for the spiky-haired vixen he has locked in his bedroom.  When he learns who Darcy is, he knows she'll make a powerful bargaining tool, but after spending time with her, isn't sure he'll be able to give her up.

Darcy has tried to keep her head down and live her life.  It hasn't been easy, but the freakish gifts she's been cursed with have guaranteed she can never have a normal life.  When she's kidnapped by an Aztec god with fangs, she knows her life will never be the same.  A prisoner to the dark, brooding vampire king, her only thoughts should be on escaping, not mentally undressing him every time he walks in the room.  It's hard to remember she's still a prisoner when he gives her every comfort she can think of.  For someone who grew up on the streets, she doesn't know what to make of his unexpected generosity, and fears a trap.  But the only trap may be to her heart.  When Salvatore contacts her and dangles information about her past in front of her face, she must decide whether to go after the knowledge she's wanted since she was a child, or staying with the one vampire who may be the only one who truly understands her.

In this story, Styx is a badass who's only goal is to carve out a better life for the vampires under his rule.  He doesn't like having to shed blood to accomplish it, but knows it's the only way.  He's always been a solitary predator, putting the other vampires' needs above his own.  After meeting Darcy his views and beliefs are put to the test, as is his heart.  Darcy grew up thinking she was a freak because of her unnatural strength, but comes to find out it's a part of who she is, and must learn to accept the part of herself she's always resented.  Book four is better than the last ones have been, and I'm really starting to get into the series now.

Carla gives this book a


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Interview with author Kerrelyn Sparks

Welcome to RomFan Reviews Kerrelyn it is a great honor to have you with us today. I tell everyone if it were not for you I would have never picked up a Paranormal Romance but when I seen the title All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire I thought I would give it a try and now my bookshelves are over flowing with Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy.  But, I know that you are really busy right now so shall we jump right in and get started?

Can you tell us a little about your next release Sexiest Vampire Alive coming September 27, 2011?

Sexiest  Vampire Alive stars Gregori Holstein, the playboy of the Vampire World. At the end of Vampire Mine, a terrible thing happened—a video was released that proved the existence of vampires.  Now Vamps fear the worst, the Vampire Apocalypse!  Will mortals start hunting vampires down and staking them in their death-sleep?  At an emergency meeting, Coven Masters from around the world decide how to proceed. They need an emissary to open negotiations with the President of the United States.  They want their emissary to be modern, safe, and harmless. A Vamp who has never bitten a mortal.  A Vamp who has been entirely bottle-fed. Their choice—Gregori!

Now Gregori has the fate of the entire Vamp population on his shoulders. When he’s given a special assignment that involves the president’s daughter, will he succumb to his playboy ways and doom them all?

You can read an excerpt (chapter one) at my website,

Please tell me there will be plenty more to come in the Love at Stake Series?

I just signed a contract for four more books, so now it’s possible for the series to last up to book # 16!

With so many books in the series how do you keep everything straight?

That is getting tricky!  I have a very long Cast List, which can actually be found on my website in the Vampire World.  I list all the important details about each character.  I also keep a detailed timeline. When I first started the series, it didn’t seem to matter much if a vampire was 499 years old or 502. But once they started having children, I had to be very careful.  There’s a huge difference between a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old!

 Do you have a favorite character out of all your books that someone special?

Well, I fall in love with all the heroes while I’m writing them. But I have to admit to a special soft spot for the Scotsmen, especially Connor.

What or who inspired you to become a writer?

My favorite authors inspired me-- authors I loved to read while I was growing up, like Mary Stewart and Anya Seton. And then later, I discovered Jayne Ann Krentz in all her identities, Kathleen Woodiwiss, and Jude Deveraux. I think I was most influenced by JAK since I loved her characters, her plotlines, her sense of humor, and her quick pace.

 I am sure with your schedule there is no such thing as free time but when you manage to squeeze some time for yourself in what are some things you enjoy doing?

I love to read, of course!!  And watch good movies. Hang out with my husband and kids. Travel. I used to do crafts like quilting, cross-stitch, and crochet, but I rarely have time for that any more.

If we were given a peek inside your personal library what authors might we find on your bookshelves?

Lots of JAK (especially her Amanda Quick novels), Karen Marie Moning, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Kim Harrison, Meg Cabot, Linda Lael Miller, Linda Winstead Jones, Janet Evanovich, Lynsay Sands, and books by some of my writer friends in the Houston area—Sophie Jordan, Christie Craig, Colleen Thompson, Kimberly Frost, and Gerry Bartlett.

How can readers contact you and learn more about your books?

You can learn more about the Love at Stake series at my website,, and you can email me at In the Vampire World section of my website, there’s a forum, where you can chat with me and other readers. The forum is at You can also find my Friend page and Author page on Facebook. I’m on Twitter, but I have to admit that I don’t tweet very often. Do you really want to know that I finished doing the laundry? I also have an online newsletter that you join by sending a blank email to I love hearing from readers!!  Especially if it takes me away from doing the laundry!

Thank you so much Kerrelyn for spending some time with us it was a pleasure having you here and we hope you come back again real soon.
 Also, check out A Love at Stake Novella A Very Vampy Christmas Available Sept. 6th in E-Book ISBN #978-006-2121127 for $1.99 at Amazon or B&N

To read reviews on all of Kerrelyn's Love at Stake Series book you can find them right here at RomFan Reviews

Now for one lucky person Kerrelyn is giving away a copy of her book Vampire Mine.  Just leave a comment and your email (no email no entry) by 11:59 PM EST Monday, August 29th contest is open internationally.

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Review: Embrace the Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Embrace the Darkness
Guardians of Eternity #2
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: November 2007

Shay is sick of being used and mistreated.  She's half Shalott, a type of demon that hasn't been seen on earth for thousands of years.  Her blood is also an aphrodisiac to vampires.  After her mother died, she was abducted and sold into slavery to an evil coven of witches.  When the coven was destroyed, she was given back to the slave master to be resold.  This time when she's sold, she's completely taken back to find that a vampire is now her new master.  Not just any vampire, but a vampire she'd recently saved from an attack.  Figuring he's going to use her as a blood slave, she vows to fight him every step of the way.  Sure, she's attracted to his silver hair and take no prisoners attitude, but she also refuses to meekly bow to the whims of anyone.

Ever since Shay saved him weeks ago, Viper hasn't been able to get her out of his mind.  When he learns Shay's going to be sold at an auction, he buys her for himself.  He can't stomach the thought of the beautiful demon belonging to anyone buy him, and the thought of someone harming her makes him see red.  Although he tries to provide for her every comfort, she still doesn't trust him.  He must overcome her distrust if he wants a chance with her, but that's easier said than done.  He must also hunt down the ones who are determined to steal her and use her blood for their own selfish needs, something he will never allow to happen.

Book 2 is better than the first.  Just make sure you read these in order, otherwise this book will ruin the first one for you.  Shay has had to overcome tremendous odds, yet she's not broken inside.  She still manages to care for others, and although she's trained for violence, she'd rather avoid it if possible.  Viper's used to getting whatever he wants, and doesn't know how to react when Shay doesn't fall at his feet in appreciation.  It makes the character interaction all the better, because you have Viper and Shay butting heads over everything, yet at the same time are drawn to each other's strength and character.  Fun book, and I'm glad to see more of the world explained and more secondary characters brought in.

Carla gives this book a

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review: When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

When Darkness Comes
Guardians of Eternity #1
by: Alexandra Ivy
$6.99 mass market paperback
Zebra Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: January 2007

Abby's got a pretty easy job as an assistant to a rich heiress.  She may not love it, but it's better than waiting tables and it pays the bills.  The one thing she doesn't like is Dante, the sexy houseguest who makes her pulse to race whenever he's in the room.  When a horrible explosion kills her boss and destroys the house, Abby's reeling from shock.  When Dante pulls her aside and tells her they must go into hiding because she'd the new Chalice and demons are going to be after her, she thinks he's lost his mind.  When the first demon attacks them, however, she begins to realize there's more to the world than she knew, and Dante is her only hope of staying alive.

Dante enjoyed flirting with Abby, but knew his first and only job is to protect the Chalice from harm.  When the explosion kills the woman currently holding the Chalice, the power switches to Abby.  Now instead of flirting he must guard Abby with his life.  A curse long ago by a group of dark witches saw to his enslavement, and he's always resented them for it. 

Being sworn to Abby isn't all bad, and the two soon succumb to the passion burning between them.  But there are enemies who want the Chalice's power for their own, and will stop at nothing to see their evil plans succeed.  It will take all of Dante's considerable skill to keep Abby alive.

This is the first book of the series, and I'm rereading to play catch up before I plow into the newer books I've missed.  The attraction between the two was first introduced in chapter one, and only became more prominent as the story unfolded.  I liked the idea of one woman being tasked with keeping a great power safe, a power that can destroy evil.  The story seemed to drag in some places, but overall it was enjoyable enough that I got the second book.

Carla gives this book a

Monday, August 15, 2011

Review: Dark Awakening by Kendra Leigh Castle

Dark Awakening
Dark Dynasties #1
by: Kendra Leigh Castle
$7.99 mass market paperback
Grand Central Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: July 2011


Tyan MacGillivray has been ordered by his vampire queen to find a Seer as war is brewing between the vampire clans.  Using his skills as a shapeshifting vampire he finally tracks down the woman who can help.  Unfortunately she has no idea what she is.

Lily Quinn has always known there was something different about her but a Seer that is not possible.  Let alone is there such a thing as vampires except in movie. Of course that is all about to change now that a handsome man who can shift into a cat comes into her life asking for her help.

Soon it becomes evident that Lily is more than they thought and Ty is begins to question his loyalty to his queen.  Will they make it out of this alive or will they be torn apart?

The first in Kendra Leigh Castle’s Dark Dynasties Series is off to an amazing start.  I could not put this book down I was drawn into this world of shifters who are basically slaves to the vampires.  Ty and Lily kept me completely enthralled in their attempt to find the truth and to keep themselves alive.  I am looking forward to the next book in this series.

Annette gives this book a


Review: The Soldier by Grace Burrowes

The Soldier
The Duke's Obsession #2
by: Grace Burrowes
$6.99 mass market paperback
Historical Romance
Released: June 2011

Devlin St. Just has not only been given a title and a new chance but along with the property and title given to him he has also gained a dirty little urchin and the woman who comes to mean more to him then he ever thought possible.

Emmaline Farnum has her own secrets but she is drawn to the man who has his own demons and all she wants to do is make them go away.

While Emmie and Devlin are drawn closer together it makes keeping her secrets harder to hide.  Will they come together or go their separate ways when their world begins to crumble around them?

The Soldier is the second book in the trilogy and Grace Burrowes does not disappoint.  I was caught up in the story of Devlin and Emmaline with the romance, the pain and the humor Ms. Burrowes has it all.  It was refreshing to see two lost souls come together and overcome all their obstacles.  I always love a strong hero but it is very refreshing when that hero is not afraid to show his pain and hurt and even cry.  I look forward to the third book coming Virtuoso.

Annette gives this book a


Review: Kingdom of Summer by Gillian Bradshaw

Kingdom of Summer
Down the Long Wind #2
by: Gillian Bradshaw
$14.99 trade paperback
Historical Fantasy
Released: September 2011


Gwalchmai is a fierce warrior and member of King Arthur’s war band. The king has trusted him to be an ambassador to one of the kings that serves under Arthur. King Bran is known to be disloyal and has been suspected of plotting rebellion. While fighting to defend Arthur’s kingdom, Gwalchmai commits an offense against the woman he has fallen in love with. The woman then disappears and he is driven to search for her and seek her forgiveness.

Rhys, who is a farmer and peasant, becomes his trusted servant. He accompanies Gwalchmai on his search. They have been sent to the land known as the Kingdom of Summer on an ambassadorial mission. While in the Kingdom of Summer, Gwalchmai searches for Elidan, the woman he loves. After arriving he discovers that his mother, the evil witch-queen Morgawse is there as well. He finds that the secrets from his past may come back to haunt him and keep him from ever having any sort of peace.

This is the second in the series by Gillian Bradshaw. It is a new take on the old Arthurian legends. Gwalchmai which translates to Hawk of May is actually the knight known as Sir Gawain in the more well known legends. I love the King Arthur legends and enjoyed this new version. It greatly different from the older well known stories, but that is one of the things that makes it interesting. While it is possible to read this book as a stand alone, I do highly suggest reading the first book before reading this one. It will really make things more clear on how Gwalchmai came to be the man he is today. It explains his past struggles and his relationship with his family, especially his relationship with his mother. It also has explanations in the beginning of the book on how to pronounce some of the Welsh names and places.

I enjoyed this book immensely and would recommend it to anyone that likes medieval stories and the fantasy genre. It is well written and is a refreshingly new and different take on the legends of old. This not a romance per say, and there are not any spicy sex scenes. It is a great read for anyone whether they are adult or young adult.  It is romantic in that Gwalchmai’s love for the woman he wronged keeps him searching and from resting until he finds her. There is also a lot of intrigue to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Angie gives this book

Friday, August 12, 2011

Review: Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison

Storm's Heart
Elder Races #2
by: Thea Harrison
$7.99 mass market paperback
Berkley Sensation
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2011

After the death of her uncle, the King of the Dark Fae, Tricks is the last remaining heir to the throne.  Reluctantly leaving New York and the protection of the Wyr, she heads to Chicago to be crowned the new Queen.  Although she's known this day would come, she'd really hoped it hadn't come so soon.  When an assassination attempt goes bad, Tricks disappears to lick her wounds and plan her attack, never thinking the Wyrs would send one of their own to hunt her down.

Tiago is a thunderbird, an ancient Wyr with the power to wield thunder.  He's never been close to Tricks, but once he hears she's disappeared after the assassination attempt, he's the first to offer to find her.  The few times he's met her she's intrigued him with her bravery, her feisty attitude and her pixie-like beauty.  When he does find her, she refuses to accept his help.  When another attempt is made on her life, however, she changes her mind.  Now the two must work together to unveil the enemies lurking in the shadows, ones who will do anything to see that Tricks doesn't take the throne.  Add to that a blinding, heated attraction and it can only spell disaster.

But hey, at least it's never boring.

This is the second book in the Elder Races series, and I'm still hooked.  I picked up the first one because I have an unhealthy fascination with dragons, and was enthralled by Thea Harrison and her ability to weave an amazing story full of passion and intrigue.  Tricks has amazing courage to do what needs to be done, even though the last thing she wants is to get sucked into Dark Fae politics, let alone be their ruler.  Tiago is your average he-man type, but because he's been around since the dawn of time (literally) he's become bored.  With Tricks around, he hasn't had such a good time in centuries.  This is the second of what will hopefully be a long-running series, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next release in October 2011.

Carla gives this book a

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Lust After Death by Daisy Harris

Lust After Death
Love-Bots #1
by: Daisy Harris
$8.90 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Paranormal Erotica
Released: July 2011

Josie is a reanimated zombie who was brought back to life to be her creator's bride.  She knows there's more to life than the abuse he deals out, but her programming won't let her disobey.  When she sees a stranger at the window, she's intrigued.  Who is this mysterious stranger, and what is he doing spying on her?

Bane has one more mission before he'll be reprogrammed, and he can't wait.  He's spent years as an assassin, and he's anxious to rid himself of the memories of pain and torture he's been forced to dish out as well as endure.  The mission to retrieve the newly awakened zombie seems straightforward enough until he sees her.  She's beauty personified, with a smoldering sensuality that leaves him hard and aching.

When her extraction goes bad, he must assume the role of her "husband" or risk her death, since her programming won't let her function without a male controlling her.  But can he control his primal urges around her long enough to get them to safety, or will he fall prey to this beautiful innocent woman?

This short story was a bit different than anything I've read before.  It's an intriguing mixture of zombies and cyborgs, people who can't remember who they used to be, and are horribly mistreated by those who control the programming.  The technical language in the beginning was a bit confusing, but once the characters were introduced and the story got going it smoothed out.  I'd call the book sci-fi, although the site lists it under their paranormal line.  I guess it could fall into either, but people that enjoy both genres should enjoy this book.

Carla gives this book a


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: Surrounded by Woods by Mandy Harbin

Surrounded by Woods
Woods Family #1
by: Mandy Harbin
$3.99 ebook
Amira Press
Paranormal Erotica
Released: July 2011

After ending an engagement with her cheating ex, the last thing attorney Mikaela wants is to travel to Texas to work with one of their clients at his house.  The only catch is the man refuses to let any unattached females on the property, so Mikaela keeps her broken engagement from her boss, figuring it's not that big of a deal.  She doesn't want to go, but figures maybe a couple weeks off in the middle of nowhere might do her some good, even if she will be working the whole time.

But there's a reason the unattached female rule is present.  The man, along with his sons, are all lion shifters, an extremely rare and volatile breed.  Anytime they scent an unmated female, the urge to mate is so strong it overrides their human nature, often resulting in death to both parties.

When Josh sees Mikaela, he doesn't understand the instant attraction he feels.  After all, she's taken, right?  But as attraction turns into passion, secrets come to light that could endanger not only Mikaela, but Josh's entire family as well.

Wow, this short story was hot!  The author did an excellent job laying out the characters and the world in a short amount of time, and was able to make it believable.  The sex scenes were scorching hot, and the character interaction, along with the characters themselves, really drew me into the story. 

Anyone who enjoys their shifter stories primitive, raw and hot should give this book a try.

Carla gives this book a

Friday, August 5, 2011

Review: Love Scars by Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Love Scars
Love Covenant #2
by: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
$4.99 eBook
Evernight Publishing
Paranormal Erotica
Released: June 2011

Cara is now married to Will, the undead love of her life.  After being made into a vampire, she's learning to adjust, and loving her new life with her sexy husband.  But all too soon the honeymoon's over.  Will's sire has come back, intent on ruining his life the way he ruined hers.  She's vowed vengeance, and won't stop until both of them are dead. 

Now Cara must dig deep into herself, deep into the love she shares with Will, if she's going to defeat Will's sire.  But will her love be enough to defeat Will's sire, or will evil triumph?

This is the second book in the series.  It follows Will and Cara as they settle into their married life, but soon Will's sire comes back to torment them.  The author's voice comes through loud and clear in this story, and it follow's Cara's POV.  The story drags out and the emotions and actions of all three characters are unbelievable.  There were too many quotes and references to songs, and there was too much talk of true love triumphing.

If you're a hopeless romantic, you might enjoy this story.

Carla gives this book a


Review: Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks

Vampire Mine
Love at Stake #10
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: April 2011

All Connor wants to do is guard his charges and keep them safe.  He doesn't have time for love, and after what happened before, no inclination.  He doesn't understand why his friends keep falling in love with mortals and telling them about vampires.  To Connor, that just means more work keeping everyone safe.  When he goes to investigate another Casimir sighting, he finds a woman, unconscious and bleeding.  Thinking she's a Malcontent, he takes her back to Romatech to patch her up.  When a horrible accident occurs, Connor's forced to realize he may be the one to put everyone in danger, for he's managed to find an angel of death.

All Marielle wants to do is help people, not hurt them.  When she rebels against her orders for a third time, her wings are stripped from her, and she's trapped on Earth in a mortal body.  Confused and alone, she must rely on Connor, the nice man who helped her when she was injured.  She's not sure why she didn't kill him with her touch, but when she learns he's a vampire, things become clear.  She begins to wonder if her future is tied with helping these vampires defeat evil.  She also sees in Connor an old festering wound on his soul that needs to be healed.  She figures if she helps his friends with Casamir and also heals Connor's wounds, she might be able to get back into Heaven.  She has to hurry, though, for the longer she stays on Earth, the more human she becomes.  It's hard to concentrate with all these strange feelings that run through her whenever she looks at Connor, or he touches her. 

She knows lust is a sin, but how can it be a sin when it feels this good?

I'm glad to see Connor finally get his own story.  After nine stories of him predicting doom and gloom when his friends fall in love, I'm glad to see him finally get his comeuppance.  It makes sense that he would get paired with an angel, one who has no idea how to live as a human.  He's so afraid of baring the dark part of his soul to her that he tries to keep his distance, but it fails.  He's drawn to her goodness and strength, and knows he'll do anything to keep her safe.  All Marielle wants to do is get back into Heaven, but these feelings she has for Connor make her wonder if she's fallen for good. 

This story was the best out of all of them in my opinion, with a surprise ending I didn't see coming (my favorite kind), and a great group of characters.  You really need to pay attention to follow along with all the names, but if you know that, then you're golden.  So far this series has read like one giant story, with each book being a new chapter, and from a different point of view.  The books have gotten better and better, and I'm now caught up until the new one comes out later this year.  Kinda bummed about that, but I can't wait to read Gregori's story.

Carla gives this book a


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Review: The Lost by Caridad Pineiro

The Lost
Sin Hunters #3
by: Caridad Pineiro
$7.99 mass market paperback
Grand Central Publishing
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2011

Adam has spent his entire life knowing he was adopted, but knowing nothing of his real parents.  Despite that, he's managed to make a successful career for himself as owner and CEO of a large alternative energy company.  The company is the perfect cover for him to work on his own private research on himself.  Ever since he was a kid, he's been able to draw energy from around him and do amazing things with it, like shapeshifting and creating balls of energy.  He only wishes he knew the extent of his powers, or why he has the powers in the first place.  When he's attacked in the parking lot one day by men wielding a power like his own, he's saved by a mysterious beauty with a limp.  Little does his know his life is about to be changed forever.

After suffering major injuries in combat in Iraq, former Marine Bobbie is struggling to get back on her feet and lay the past to rest.  When she sees a handsome stranger get attacked, she doesn't think twice about coming to his rescue despite her injuries.  When she realizes there's a strange energy bond between the two of them, she's not sure what to think.  She's never run from a fight, though, and she's not about to start now.  The bond quickly turns to mutual attraction and lust, but there are those after Adam, powerful people who want his energy for themselves, and they're not above killing everyone who stands in their way to get it.

This is book 3 in the series, and it would be better to read these in order.  Jumping in to book 3 has left me a bit lost, since the feel of the story makes it seem as if certain things have already been explained in previous books.  The story is about a group of people with the ability to hold and manipulate energy, but it comes at a high cost.  Their race is dying out, and they need Adam to help replenish not only their energy, but also their numbers.  He's ignorant of his history or who he is, and there are those who consider him a danger to himself and all those around him.  When he meets Bobbie, though, it's like he's found the calm in his personal storm.  She helps level him out, and makes him realize how alone he's been all these years.  Although it's a neat idea, I really wasn't able to get into the story.  There were times where I had a hard time believing the characters would react the way they did, and I think that made it hard for me to connect with them.  The writing wasn't bad, but this story just isn't for me.

Carla gives this book a 

Review: Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

Eat Prey Love
Love at Stake #9
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: October 2010

Carlos is one of the last panther shifters in the world.  He knows he must help save his species, so he's made it his quest to find a female shifter to mate with, one who will also help him take care of the orphans he's rescued.  Years have gone by with no luck, and he begins to despair.  When he sees Caitlyn, she's like a beacon of light shining her way through the darkness.  He's captivated from the first time he sees her.  The problem?  She's human, and her father is part of a CIA team determined to kill all supernatural beings, Carlos included.

Caitlyn has just recently been reunited with a sister she hasn't seen in years, and she couldn't be happier.  When she sees a tall dark and handsome stranger playing basketball, the world seems to stop.  He's everything she's ever wanted in a man.  Too bad he doesn't seem to want her back.  But she's nothing if not stubborn, and she knows she can change this shifter's mind.

When the opportunity comes for Caitlyn to go on a mission with Carlos she jumps on it, knowing this is the perfect chance for them to get to know each other better.  But when it comes down to it, can she really give him what he needs, or is their blossoming romance doomed to fail before it's gotten started?

This story takes us deep into the rainforest to search for werepanthers.  Along the way we encounter allies who aren't what they seem, enemies who become allies, and the possibility of a love that will transcend time.  Carlos is torn between duty and love, while Caitlyn is determined to live her life on her terms, and that includes picking the one man she's come to love, but seems unable to love her in return.  There's danger, suspence, romance, and a new bad guy is introduced that may be just as dangerous as Casamir is.  It's a great story, and I'm glad Kerrelyn Sparks has managed to keep the stories fresh and interesting throughout the series.

Carla gives this book a


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rebel Ink Press Submissions Call Out

Rebel Ink Press is now accepting submissions for Valentine's themed short stories, novellas and full-length works. Any theme or sub-genre is acceptable, and anthologies will be considered. Submissions guidelines can be found at Please include VDay Sub in the subject line when inquiring. Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2011.

Isn't it time to get serious?

Review: The Vampire and the Virgin by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Vampire and the Virgin
Love at Stake #8
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Published: March 2010

After being captured by the Malcontents, all Robby can think about is revenge.  His boss orders him to take some time off, so he heads to Patmos to get better and try and relax.  He doesn't think anything will take his mind off of his need for revenge, and then he sees...her.  An angel peering at him through a telescope.  He knows he has to meet her.  When she disappears off the island, he knows he can't let this one get away, so he follows her back to the States.

All Olivia wants to do is relax at her grandmother's Patmos home and try to forget about the serial killer who's been stalking her.  A psychologist for the FBI, she knows he's in prison, so he can't hurt her anymore.  When he starts sending her gifts, she knows she can't stay and endanger her grandmother, even if it means leaving Robby, the sexy stranger she's been talking to at night. 

When assumptions are made, Olivia wants nothing to do with Robby, but realizes he's not one to give up when he sees something he wants, and that something is her.

This book shows you why making assumptions are bad, and the consequences of those assumptions.  When Olivia believes Robby to be working with the serial killer, she refuses to trust him or see him again, although it breaks her heart to do so.  But when the real bad guys come after her, she must turn to Robby for protection.  Kerrelyn Sparks does a good job pairing people together who would be good for each other, if only they can get over their own hang ups to be together.  This book is no exception.  Great characters and a great plot make this a book you can't put down until the very end.

Carla gives this book a


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review: Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
Love at Stake #7
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: May 2009

A former harem member, Vanda is now the owner of a male vampire strip club, and she couldn't be happier.  She prefers skintight clothes and purple hair, and who cares what others think.  Too bad others don't agree with her.  After several assault complaints are filed against her, Vanda is forced to take anger management classes.  Normally, it wouldn't be a problem, except he's offered to be her sponser.  Phil, the smokin' hot mortal bodyguard to the vampires.  She's secretly lusted after Phil for years, and taken every opportunity to flirt with him.  What she doesn't realize is he's attracted to her, as well...

Phil spent years being tortured by Vanda, one of the vampires he guarded during the day.  Her innocent flirting drove him wild, but because he was her guard, he was never allowed to make a move on her.  Now that she's on her own, he's decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue her.  He figures since he's a shifter, he's learned to tame the beast within, and is in a perfect position to help Vanda with her anger issues. 

But Vanda's anger may have to wait.  The Malcontents are staging a showdown, and someone from Vanda's past will come back to haunt her and make her question her feelings for Phil.

Vanda has a lot of issues.  She had a traumatic past, which has shaped her into the paranoid prickly vampire she is today.  Only Phil sees beyond the barbed wire exterior to the loyal, loving woman she is on the inside.  But when Phil learns of her past, he fears his own past might cause her to reject him.  It'll take all his tricks to convince her that love's something to fight for.  A few new characters are introduced in this book, and a couple traumatic events affect characters we already know.  It kept me turning pages until the very end.

Carla gives this book a

Monday, August 1, 2011

Review: Faithful to a Fault by K.J. Reed

Faithful to a Fault
Come Together #2
by: K.J. Reed
$8.90 ebook
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: January 2011

Since Peter has no family to call his own, he decides to go visit a friend's family with him while on leave with the Marines.  He's happy by himself, but every once in a while likes being around family, even if it's not his own.  He knows he'll only be in town a short while, and figures what better way to spend it than with a warm, willing woman.  While there, he meets a prickly woman who stirs his interest.  Problem is, she's sworn off men after a bad marriage.  Can he convince her to give him a chance?

Sarah is done with men.  After her cheating ex-husband abandoned her in this small town, she's sworn to never again trust a man.  When she meets Peter, she's swayed by his good looks and smooth charm, but isn't sure whether or not to trust him.  Figuring it wouldn't hurt to have a fling with him, she goes for it, knowing he'll be leaving and therefore won't be able to hurt her.  But after spending the night with him, she realizes he's more than a one night stand to her.

Peter is thrilled with the intimacy he and Sarah shared, but when he finds out who she really is, he'll be forced to make a choice between his best friend and the woman he's coming to care about.

This book is the sequel to Text Me.  In it, Peter heads out on leave, figuring he'll drink and be merry, hopefully with a woman.  When he meets Sarah, he realizes what he's missing in the way of family and relationships.  One night stands are good, but they don't leave you with any memories to cherish, or people who care about you.  He realizes she might be the one to fill in the gaps in his life, but he also knows she's been hurt by love before, and so moves cautiously.  When he learns who she is, he realizes she's the little sister his best friend Travis has been searching for.   He's stuck in an awkward position, and isn't sure how to handle it.  Sarah is determined to stand on her own two feet after her cheating husband abandoned her, and has done pretty well for herself.  She's not sure she can let another man into her life, but after meeting Peter, begins to realize all men aren't scum-sucking pigs out to break her heart.  It's a quick read that shows us that although second chances are hard to give, they can ultimately heal us in the end.

Carla gives this book a

Review: Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Secret Life of a Vampire
Love at Stake #6
by: Kerrelyn Sparks
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: April 2009

Jack is the son of the legendary Casanova, although he'll deny it if you ask him.  He decides to throw a bachelor party for a vampire friend of his, but the party gets out of hand and the cops show up.  Not good, since he'll have a hard time explaining all the bottles of blood lying around.  When the cops get there, he goes to wipe their minds, but one officer, a gorgeous red haired beauty, seems to be immune to his mind control.  Not good, since the last thing he needs are the cops investigating his kind. 

When Lara and her partner get a disturbance call at the hotel, she figures it's business as usual.  She doesn't expect the drop-dead hunk in the suite, nor does the expect the instant attraction she feels for him.  As she begins to investigate this mystery man, more and more questions arise.  She knows he's keeping secrets from her, and she knows she can't have a relationship with a man who won't be honest with her. 

When she finds out the truth, will her feelings be enough to keep her at Jack's side, or will it be too much for Lara to deal with?

This book is about healing the wounds of the past in order to have a future.  It's about two people who are drawn together, even knowing there can be no future between them.  Yet, it seems to make their time together that much sweeter.  And we realize that love can occasionally overcome all obstacles.  Lara is trying to build a new life, but she doesn't want to trust Jack, knowing he's keeping secrets from her.  Jack has spent his life trying to live up to his father's famous repuation, but not really having any interest in following in his father's footsteps.  When he meets Lara, he thinks he's finally found someone he can spend his life with, but she's mortal.  When Lara's life is in danger, Jack realizes what's most important to him.

Carla gives this book a