Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: To Kill a Vampire by Julianna Sage

To Kill A Vampire
Captive Souls #1
by: Julianna Sage
$14.99 trade paperback
Wild Rose Press
Paranormal Romance
Released: November 2010


Angelica Gentillini is an attorney working for the Prosecutor’s office in Chicago. She is out celebrating a win on a big case with her friends when dark and sexy Erik Kessler abducts her. He tells her he is there to save her life. Her life is thrown into turmoil and is never the same. Erik is from a horrible future where vampires rule and humans are bred solely for food and entertainment. He was sent back in time by Vlad who is the ruler of the vampire race. Erik’s mission is to execute Angelica before she can write her novel
To Kill A Vampire which contains important secrets about killing the demonic vampires.
Instead Erik decides to try to save her.

Angelica’s life quickly becomes chaotic and frightening. Though they have help from a few friends in the vampire underground, Erik and Angelica are constantly on the run.
While trying to make an escape Angelica is mortally wounded. Erik must take drastic measures in order save Angelica, whom he has fallen in love with and he is unable to fathom living without her.

This is was a slightly different take on vampires. There is also some time travel involved but I felt the flow between the scenes involving the present and the future went well. In some books it can be easy to get lost when things flip back and forth. I didn’t feel that way with the book. I am usually not overly fond of books involving time travel but the author did a great job with this one and it was full of thrills. She does a great job of building the present world as well as the future world.

Angelica and Erik are characters that have depth. They both have their secrets and must come to grips with them. Erik has a lot of guilt and grief as a result of a tragic event in his life and vows never to feel again. He then meets Angelica and she breaks down the barriers that he has built around his heart. Erik is also not your typical vampire warrior either. Actually his background was not at all what you would expect from a vampire savior. Angelica has a deep and very dark secret that makes her feel that she will never have a normal relationship with anyone, and then she meets Erik. Their relationship from the beginning is very passionate and intense. Even though this is a romance, it is not your typical romantic ending and it does have some surprises.

This is the first book in The Captive Souls Series and I am looking forward to the next book.  I recommend this book to those looking for something just a little different. While it is not quite your typical vampire love story it is well worth the read. 

Angie gives this book


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