Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review: Text Me by K.J. Reed

Text Me
Come Together #1
by: K.J. Reed
$8.90 ebook
Ellora's Cave Publishing
Contemporary Erotica
Released: December 2010

When Travis turned eighteen, he joined the Marines and never looked back.  The only thing he regrets is leaving his younger sister with his jerk of a father.  Ten years later, he realizes life is too short, so decides to try and find her.  Problem is, the only phone number he has for her has been assigned to someone else.  The woman who owns the phone number's name is Ariel, and for some reason he's been texting back and forth with her.  Ariel's been giving him ideas on where to look for his sister.  He's come to like this mysterious but thoughtful woman, although he knows they'll never meet face to face.

Ariel is almost done with grad school.  On top of her job, she doesn't have time for relationships, but one night stands she can do.  When she and a friend meet a pair of men at the bar, she's instantly drawn to the one called Donovan.  After a wild night, she leaves, thinking she'll never see him again.  Little does she realize Donovan is actually Travis, her mystery text man.

When Travis realizes who Ariel is, his passion for her flares hotter than ever.  But with him set to go back to the Marines in a few days, it seems like they may not get their happily ever after.  But can they settle for only a few days together?

This is a story about two people who aren't looking for any kind of a future when they hook up, they're only looking for a warm body to spend the night with.  But once they see each other, the attraction is instant.  Neither one realizes they've been texting each other for weeks, which may be why they form an instant bond--it's like they somehow recognize the prior connection.  When Travis realizes who Ariel is, he doesn't want to tell her, because he's afraid she's going to blame him for having an ulterior motive, even though the odds of their chance meeting are one in one thousand.  When Ariel finds out, she needs to figure out what she's going to do, although she doesn't have many options.  He's going back to the Marines, while she's staying in the area to finish her schooling.  It's a short story about one in one thousand odds bringing two people together. 

Carla gives this book a


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