Friday, July 22, 2011

Review: Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews

Magic Slays
Kate Daniels #5
by: Ilona Andrews
$7.99 mass market paperback
Ace Books
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: June 2011

After quitting the Order, Kate opens up her own business helping people with paranormal and magical problems.  Too bad she hasn't had a customer yet, what with the Order spreading rumors about her. 

When she finally does get her first customer, it's from the People, the last group she wants to help.  But times are tight, so she takes the job.  Turns out the People are having trouble piloting their vampires, which could be a bloodbath for the city if it isn't stopped.  

Diving headfirst into the case, she finds more than she wanted to.  Turns out there's a machine that can literally suck all the magic out of an area, people included.  If the weapon falls into the wrong hands, it could mean Armageddon for all people with magic in them.  

This is book 5, and it's still going strong.  In this one, Kate has quit her job with the Order, and is also mated to Curran, making her the female alpha of all the shapeshifters.  As if that wasn't enough stress, she's trying to start up her own business and keep an eye on her adopted daughter, Julie.  Plus there's a wacko group running around trying to kill everybody, and Kate finds out a secret about her past that destroys everything she thought she knew.

It's a busy book, but it's also fast paced with plenty of action, suspense, intrigue, and emotion.  I really, really hope Ilona Andrews writes another one.

Carla gives this book a 


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