Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review: Irresistible Sin by Lynn LaFleur

Irresistible Sin
Men with Tool #2
by: Lynn LaFleur
$5.20 eBook
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotica
Released: February 2011

Book two in the Men With Tools series, Irresistible Sin is well written, well paced and a fully rounded, complete story.

Griff Coleman’s in mourning and hasn’t progressed past the denial/anger/sadness stages. Shut off from everything for ten months, it’s the scent of his late wife’s perfume that finally raises his head. That perfume’s worn by another woman, however. Emma Keaton’s new in town and doesn’t know anything about Griff’s loss. She treats him like he’s hunky and available, while everyone else gives him sympathy and space.

That said, there were parts of the book’s premise that pulled me out of the story. I applaud sexually confident female leads, but when we first meet her, Emma’s sexuality is aggressive to the point of being crass and predatory. “I’m not interested in anything with a man beyond some fun.” That gives her great growth potential but in the face of Griff’s grief, I was put off by her. For me, Emma’s healthy libido initially comes across as nymphomania as everything in her life—possessions, activities, etc.—all come down to sex. Later, of course, Emma tones down her “me, me, me” approach to life and love. She seems to mature and become less self-centered. I liked her later in the book but I was hard pressed after the second chapter not to put the book down and leave it there.

The people in Griff’s life (Emma included) all seem to view his grief as a timetable thing. Although they all deny it, every character except Griff harps on ten months being long enough. They want him back the way he was, dammit. Of course they do, but the constant repetition of the ten-month deadline made them sound selfish instead of lovingly prodding.

What I did believe was Griff was almost at the point psychologically to move on to the acceptance stage of grief. I stuck with the book and, at the end, was glad I had. I believed Emma’s growth and the kernels of Griff’s healing.

Irresistible sin has a marvelously poignant beginning and the ending was nicely fulfilling. If you like that in a book, you’ll enjoy this one.

Brooke gives this book a


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