Sunday, July 10, 2011

Review: Hunt the Moon by Karen Chance

Hunt the Moon
Cassie Palmer #5
by: Karen Chance
$7.99 mass market paperback
Signet Select Book
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: June 2011

After fighting (and ultimately defeating) a god, the vampires and mages have finally accepted Cassie's position as Pythia.  The date for the coronation ceremony has been set, and everything seems to be finally working out for her.

But fate, it seems, has other ideas.

There is a group hiding in the shadows, determined to keep Cassie from becoming Pythia, no matter the cost.  And if it means going back in time and preventing her from being born, then so be it.  Too bad for them Cassie's never been good at lying around and waiting for people to kill her.  A sinister plot turns into a frantic race through time as Cassie tries to keep the group from succeeding.

Because if Cassie ceases to exist, the world is doomed.

I had to wait forever for this book to be released (okay, two years), but it was worth the wait.  This book had my jaw dropping on more than one occasion, especially at the end.  The world Karen Chance has managed to build is amazing, with such a realistic feel to both the world and the characters.  As I read, I can visualize myself right in the thick of things.  I can see the characters as the interact with each other, and watch their facial expressions as they do it. 

I'm really, really hoping there will be a book 6, or I might just cry.  Can anyone say, cliffhanger?

Carla gives this book a

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