Friday, July 29, 2011

Review: His Soul to Keep by M. Flagg

His Soul To Keep
Champion Chronicles #3
by: M. Flagg
$14.99 trade paperback
Wild Rose Press
Paranormal Romance
Released: July 2011

Mystically enhanced vampire, Michael Malone is suddenly mortal with heart beat and all.  This unexpected turn of events catches everyone off guard, including Michael himself.  Not used to being mortal, Michael must contend with challenges he isn’t quite used to dealing with.

Michael’s human son Lukas isn’t quite sure what to make of his father’s heartbeat and is afraid of its complications. He has been through so much and he isn’t sure that he can trust the heartbeat that his father now has.  Michael isn’t sure what to make of it or what the implications are either.

The Guardian Alana who is also Michael’s soul mate wonders how this event came about. She also wonders how it is that the evil demon that lived with in him is no longer there. Michael has no answers.

Everyone involved is sorely tested when it is discovered that the demon lives and is thriving in an innocent human host.  Their strength and love is tested when they have to fight the demon that lived inside of Michael for 317 years and the forces of evil that brought the demon back.

This is the third installment of the Champion Chronicles. I recommend that you read the first two in order.  This book is best of the trilogy.  While I did like the concept, I didn’t like the main characters at first, with the exception of Lukas. They did however; grow on me by the time I read the third book. Alana at first seemed rather selfish and Michael not all that likeable. In this book, you get to see Alana in Guardian mode and she was excellent in that role. Michael struggles with fatherhood but still remains a little stubborn. There are some good action scenes. There are also plenty of love scenes. I love Lukas and the Guardians as well as Thorn and Celia. Gabby is a great character also.  I would love to see books involving Lukas and his friends as they continue their Guardian roles. Overall, I would definitely say this is the best book of the three.

Angie gives this book a


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  1. Hi Angie.
    Thank you for a very candid review. I totally loved writing Lukas, and I'm glad you loved him as well. There's a good possibility he'll have his own story to tell. Thank you for reading the entire series of The Champion Chronicles!