Saturday, July 23, 2011

Review: Another Chance by Katie Alexander and Kelli Lee Mosley

Another Chance
by: Katie Alexander and Kelli Lee Mosley
$5.99 ebook
Rebel Ink Press
Contemporary Romance
Released: July 2011

Megan had everything in life, or so she thought.  A good job, the perfect husband, and great place to live.  The only thing that would make it better would be a child, but try as she might, it just wouldn't happen.

Then she learned of her husband's ultimate betrayal.

Reeling from the sudden divorce, she moves back to be near her family, the one constant in her life she can count on.

Grayson helps to run a successful building company with his best friends.  He's got a job he loves, and a house he'd like to call home, if only he had the woman of his dreams beside him.

Too bad said woman is not only married, but the younger sister of his best friends.  Meaning no touching allowed.

Hearing about Megan's divorce, he's secretly thrilled she's available once again.  But knowing the betrayal she suffered, he's not sure if she'll be willing to give love another chance.  He'll just have to make her see that she's not only the perfect choice for him, he's the perfect choice for her.

This was a very nice love story about what happens when a woman suffers the ultimate betrayal, and how she tries to pick up the shattered pieces of her life after it's over.  Megan had a lot of courage to do what needed to be done, and also to hold herself together after.  She doesn't want another relationship, and who can blame her.  But maybe Grayson, a close friend of hers since she was a child, could fill that void in her life left by her no good ex. 

The characters were well defined, although there were quite a few names to keep track of, since she had a big family.  The story flowed smoothly, and I was happy with the way things worked out, although I wanted to smack Megan for her stubbornness a couple times.  All in all, a nice contemporary read.

Carla gives this book a

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