Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Fire Wolf by Anh Leod

Fire Wolf
by: Anh Leod
$4.45 eBook
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Erotica
Released: June 2011

Fire Wolf has a smokin’ hot cover. No pun intended. That should have tipped me off that the book, at the beginning, is solidly in porn territory. The first few chapters are sexual act after sexual act, in various locations, with no plot other than the hook-ups. After that, I was very happy the author steered Olivia and Smokie (yes, Smokie) into a romantic relationship. They’re reluctant lovers, which I loved. For me, it’s always a bonus when a writer throws together two seemingly incompatible people, and challenges them to find a way to make it work between them. Olivia and Smokie certainly qualify.

Under stress, the hero isolates himself from his girl. That’s a great foible for a guy who’s a go get’um, high testosterone fire fighter, who doesn’t back down from anything for anybody. Smokie isn’t alone because they’ve both got their flaws. Olivia’s coming off a bad divorce and has commitment issues stemming from it. She’s ten years older than him and, at times, that plays on her insecurities.

My only disappointment was the author glossing over what could have been great dramatic incidents. Smokie’s physical change from human to werewolf happens without descriptors…almost like somebody simply flipped a switch. Unfortunately, for me, the change had the same impact. What could have been a great stressor—Smokie revealing himself as a werewolf and bringing her into his pack—had minimum fuss and, seemingly, just as little impact on Olivia’s life.

I liked Fire Wolf. It’s a quick, erotic read. I didn’t love it, but I liked it.

Brooke gives this book a

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