Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: Falling in Love Again by Cathy Maxwell

Falling in Love Again
by: Cathy Maxwell
$7.99 mass market paperback
Avon Books
Historical Romance
Released: August 1997

Mallory didn't want to marry John, but knew it was the only way to save her family estate.  After taking her vows, she's shocked to find her new husband gone in the morning, with no clue where he's went.

Over the years, she's heard rumors of him off at war, but nothing more than two letters a year with no more than a few sentences in each.  She's content to be left alone, until the creditors force her and her mother out of their castle due to John's excessive gambling debts.  Enraged, she heads to London to find her estranged husband, intent on divorcing him to clear her name.

What she finds is a drunken womanizer, one who doesn't even remember her name!  Forced to flee with him when the authorities try to arrest them both, she begins to realize he's not the blackguard she once thought him.  But nothing, not even her husband, will stand between her and getting her family estate back and her name cleared.

Carla says: 
I hate to be mean, but this book just did not hold my interest at all.  For me, the most exciting part was the chase through London.  Other than that, I just felt like the characters were going through the motions.  Mallory was quick to alienate John, although she did have good reason, what with him abandoning her for nine years and all.  John started off as a rake who didn't remember his wife's name, but after meeting her again decided to do whatever it took to keep his wife by his side.  The writing itself was fine, all the necessary ingredients were there, but I just couldn't connect with the characters.

Carla gives this book a

Annette says:
I laughed at the beginning and even read this book in one night which has not happened in a long time.  This is a re-issue which I am glad they did.  I thought John trying to win Mallory over was not only what he deserved no wife should have to sit and wait for her husband so I am glad he had to do a little groveling.  Were there some parts that got a little show sure but it picked back up and still held my attention.

Annette gives this book


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