Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling

The Heart of War
by: Lisa Beth Darling
$12.99 paperback
Moon Mistress Publishing
Paranormal Erotica
Released: November 2010

After being banished by Zeus to an island on Earth, Ares has set up his own paradise.  Plentiful food, excellent defenses, and a hoard of women to fulfill his every sexual need.  And to keep life from getting too dull, there's always the occasional war to go out and start.  Yup, life is good.

Until a woman washes up on his beach, her hands bound and no recollection of how she got there.  While cleaning her up, he finds a chastity belt bearing the symbol of the god Cernunnus, and knows this woman will be trouble.  Turns out she's Fey, and the intended bride of Cernunnus.  She's been running from her duties for years now, and would rather see herself dead than marry the monster she watched kill someone close to her.  She begs Ares to let her leave, but he's fascinated by her and her Fey blood, so denies the request. 

But Cernunnus knows where she is now, and will stop at nothing, not even war with the Olympians, to have Magdalena back.  And the Olympians aren't above using her for their own selfish purposes.  With the world Ares knew crumbling down around him, he begins to realize he can also use Magdalena to earn his way back to Olympus.  But after spending time with her, can he really let her go?

CONTENT WARNING: This book has several scenes of rape, torture and brutality described in explicit detail.

This was a good book about the inner workings of a god, as well as a peek into Olympus.  The author did a good job writing the characters, and the emotions she portrayed were both believable and disturbing at times.  I did think the book was a bit too long, although the author did manage to keep the story going until the end. I had a big problem with all the rape and brutality scenes.  I understand why they were there, they do go with the story, but the detail put into them really turned me off of the book.  I'll also mention the incest, although for the Greek gods, that's pretty much how they all lived, although it's disgusting.  Different time and age, I guess.

This was a good mythological story, and if it didn't have all the above mentioned problems, I would have loved it.  But as it stands, it's pretty disturbing to read.  It actually gave me nightmares.

Carla gives this book a


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