Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review: The Canuck Werewolf by Marisa Chenery

The Canuck Werewolf
Big City Pack #1
by: Marisa Chenery
$4.45 eBook
Ellora’s Cave
Paranormal Erotica
Released: April 2011

Taking her younger brother and his two friends on a camping trip for the Victoria Day weekend isn’t exactly Rylee’s idea of fun. Having been talked into being their chaperone by her parents, she just doesn’t have very high hopes for a good weekend. Once camp has been set up she sets of on her way to the gorge and she spots a really hot guy setting up his own camp site. Rylee would really like to be in that tent with him. Hmm, maybe the weekend won’t be a total loss after all.

Atticus is next in line to be pack leader. His father has been grooming him to take over and he has also been trying to get Atticus to take a mate. Wanting sometime away from his father and the endless array of females wanting to take their place at his side he decides to go camping. No female has stirred his mating urge, well, until a mortal female happens by his campsite. Atticus decides he has to have her and no other female will do.

As things heat up with Rylee and Atticus, he knows he needs to tell what he is and that he wants her to be his mate…forever. Before he has the chance to explain things to Rylee a female member of his pack shows up with all intentions of claiming Atticus for herself. He now must explain things to Rylee and hopefully convince her to be his mate.

This was an enjoyable read. The only real complaint that I have is that first of all, it was too short and yes I know that it is a novella, but it would make a great full length novel. I wanted more! I do also feel that Rylee overreacted to finding out what and who Atticus is, but all in all it was a great read.

Angela gives this book a

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