Saturday, April 16, 2011

Review: Whisper Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Whisper Kiss
Dragonfire #5
by: Deborah Cooke
$7.99 mass market paperback
Signet Eclipse
Paranormal Romance
Released: August 2010

After the Shadow Academy and the Dragon's Blood Elixer were destoyed, the remaining shadow dragon fled into the night to parts unknown.  Knowing they'd all have to be tracked down and killed, Niall volunteers for the grisly task, knowing it could take years.  He's also taken on the apprenticeship of Thorolf, the newest member of the Pyr.  When a woman decked out in punk clothes and tattoos shows up at his door one day, demanding to know what his intentions towards Thorolf are, his firestorm suddenly sparks. 

And the building comes down around their heads.

After carrying her to safety, he vows to keep his distance, knowing he doesn't have the time to pursue his firestorm the way he'd like.  Besides, his deity must have gotten it wrong.  He would never go for someone like her. 

But sometimes deities know what they're talking about.

Rox is distrustful when Thorolf says he met this Niall guy, so decides to check it out for herself.  She never expected to be bowled over by the raw animal magnetism she feels for this sexy man in tight jeans.  But he snubs her, leaving her with two choices: Let the best thing that's possibly happened to her walk away, or fight for what she wants.

Good thing she's never backed down from a fight.

Okay, I have to admit it.  I finally picked a favorite character out of the series.  Niall's story was awesome, and Rox was a perfect balance for him.  It also doesn't hurt that Rox is a tattoo artist.  I love dragons, and I love tattoos (and have more than one dragon tattoo) so I think that aspect made me fall in love even more.  I know I shouldn't play favorites, but there you go. 

Read the books.  They're awesome.

Carla gives this book a

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  1. Thanks Carla! I really liked Rox and Niall's story, too. :-)