Friday, April 22, 2011

Review: Sophia by D.B. Reynolds

Vampires in America #4
by: D.B. Reynolds
$15.00 trade paperback
$7.00 eBook
ImaJinn Books
Paranormal Romance
Released: April 2011

When Sophia is called by her sire Lucien back to Canada he could at least be there when she arrives. She should be able to track him but he is faint and she is afraid he is dying and all he left was a letter and dead bodies. Now she must solve the mystery of who is killing vampires and find Lucien which will take her into the territory of a very powerful vampire Lord Raphael.

Colin is a former Navy SEAL and the closest thing to a sheriff Coopers Rest has and when he is called to a scene where shots are fired he soon finds himself drawn into an attack against the local vampires. Now he will have to work with them to find out who is out to destroy them.

As the heat grows between Sophia and Colin a force of evil is doing all it can to end the life that vampires have always known can they stop them in time?

SOPHIA is the fourth book in her Vampires in America Series and D.B. Reynolds does not disappoint. Full of energy, suspense and of course hot vampires this is a must read. Sophia proves herself to be a stronger vampire then she thought she was capable of and Colin is her mate in all ways possible. It also brings back Raphael, Cyn and Duncan as well which is always an added bonus. I am anxious to see what Ms. Reynolds brings us with her next book DUNCAN and takes us again into this amazing world of vampires.

Annette gives this book a

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