Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Pleasures by Aubrey Ross

Enslaved Hearts #2
by: Aubrey Ross
$5.20 eBook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica
Released: November 2010

Elaina knows there's corruption and debauchery going on in New Pompeii, but doesn't have any solid evidence to bring the scandal to light.  Yet.  Her brother is one of the founders, so she accepts an invitation to the gladiator games, hoping while there she'll find the proof she needs. 

While watching the fight, she finds herself drawn to Theos, one of the gladiators.  His strong physique and honorable nature are immediately apparant, so she asks her brother if she can meet with him in private.  Thinking she wants to bed the gladiator, her brother agrees, so long as she doesn't mention that New Pompeii is actually a city surrounded by a technologically advanced society.  Her idea is to talk to Theos and find out if he's being mistreated or abused.  Instead, the sexual chemistry between them flares potent and hot, and she finds herself succumbing to her body's urges.

Can she get the proof she needs to close New Pompeii down for good, or will her feelings for Theos harm not only her mission, but his life as well?

I read this series a bit out of order.  I started with book three and now I've finished book 2.  It was neat to read about the characters and know they did get their own story.  The idea behind the books is a race of humans from another planet came to Earth and evacuated all the people of Pompeii, relocating them to their planet.  But they don't tell the refugees that the race of humans have advanced technology.  New Pompeii is set up so everyone from Old Pompeii would feel more at home.  But the owners of the city aren't great people, and use the Pompeiians for their own immoral gains. 

It's a neat idea, bringing to light people that exploit others for their own selfish and depraved needs.  The story's rather short, but Aubrey Ross manages to add all the necessary ingredients together before time runs out. 

Anyone who enjoys more of a planet-bound sci-fi should give this series a try.

Carla gives this book a

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  1. Carla, thanks for reviewing Pleasures. I'm glad you're enjoying the series. The books were so much fun to write.
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