Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review: Graverobbers Wanted by Jeff Strand

Graverobbers Wanted
Andrew Mayhem #1
by: Jeff Strand
$2.99 ebook
Mundania Press

All Andrew Mayhem wanted was to make enough money to pay for his car accident.  His insurance would have covered it, if he had active insurance, that is.  When a lady at the bar walks up to him and offers him $20,000 for one night of work, he takes it.  The catch: he has to dig up the woman's dead husband.  Piece of cake, really.

What he doesn't expect is for the corpse to try shooting him once he's dug up.  Turns out the woman's husband wasn't as dead as she thought.  Getting kidnapped and threatened with torture wasn't on the agenda either, but what can you do?

Now Andrew has become a pawn in a serial killer's deadly game.  He has no backup, and no idea what he's doing as he blindly fumbles around, hoping to figure out the killer's twisted riddles before anyone dies.  To top it all, he needs to keep it all a secret from his wife, because if she finds out...well, he'd rather deal with the serial killer.

This was an amazing blend of humor and horror.  The psychological torment the serial killer uses on Andrew is tempered by the author's strong voice when writing the character.  For this story, the humor was the only thing keeping you from screaming in terror and sleeping with the lights on for a week.  It was beautifully blended, and I enjoyed the book way more than I expected to.  Excellent job.

Carla gives this book a

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