Monday, April 18, 2011

Review: Darkfire Kiss by Deborah Cooke

Darkfire Kiss
Dragonfire #6
by: Deborah Cooke
$7.99 mass market paperback
Signet Eclipse
Paranormal Romance
Released: May 2011

Rafferty is determined to defeat Magnus no matter the cost.  During his hunt, he finds a woman trying to break into Magnus's house.  Intrigued, he follows her, only to learn that her desire to bring down Magnus matches his own.  Granted, she thinks Magnus is nothing but an arms dealer, but it's still impressive to see her utter conviction that she can bring him down.  But what surprises him even more is the firestorm that sparks between them.  After waiting untold centuries for his own firestorm, he's at first elated-that is, until he realizes his firestorm is marked by darkfire.  A Pyr legend, he never imagined the darkfire would come for him, nor does he have any idea what damage the darkfire will wreak before it's sated.

Melissa used to be one of the best foreign correspondents there was, until a brush with death left her life and career in shambles.  Still trying to bounce back, she's determined to bring Magnus down and reclaim her former glory.  When she meets Rafferty, she can't deny the sexual tension between the two, although she's leery about trusting him.  After finding out he's a dragon, she does something unthinkable, something with the potential to harm all the Pyr. 

She and Rafferty team up and hunt Magnus, because both are aware of one simple truth-they'll never be truly safe until Magnus is dead.  As to her heart, the longer she spends with Rafferty, the more she's convinced it's her heart that won't be safe around this magnificent Pyr.

I was so glad to see Rafferty finally get his own firestorm.  I felt sorry for him, because he's waited so long, then ends up getting darkfire.  But despite him getting the bum deal, he manages to keep going with a single-minded determination you'd expect among the Pyr.  Yeah, he loses his temper a few times, but who wouldn't in his situation?  Melissa refuses to let anyone, including Rafferty, tell her what to do or how to live her life.  But Rafferty is able to see the hurt she carries with her, and is determined to fix it. 

The characters were great, the world was great, these books are great.  I'm bummed because now that I've plowed through all six books in less than a month, I have to wait in agony until the next one comes out.  Here's rooting for Sloane's turn!

Carla gives this book a


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