Thursday, April 21, 2011

Review: Captain Grey's Lady by Scarlett Scott

Captain Grey's Lady
Ahoy! series
by: Scarlett Scott
$8.90 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Historical Erotica

An engaging and well crafted yarn of a not-so-complacent widower, Lizzie Winstead, ripe with a longing for the return of the love of her youth. With all the proper pirate fun stuff on board, we are swiftly whisked away on an epic adventure wrought with all of the elements which accompany the treacherous life of a pirate, a life close to the hearts of many a landlubber and scallywag wannabee.

Normally the model of a respectable widow, Lizzie submits herself willingly to the steamy command of the most wanted pirate Captains on the open ocean. Common sense be damned, she launches every part of herself into the world of the notorious, yet vulnerable Edmond, whom she has yearned for since their sad parting many years prior. Our lusty couple wastes no time demonstrating to each other exactly how much they've yearned for each other in fine Scarlett Scott fashion.

Danger, excitement, peril and passion all come together swimmingly in this luscious tale of two lovers reunited who release upon each other the benefits of their longings, desires and raw yearnings many years in the making. Scarlett teases us with this tantalizingly short story, leaving this reader with want of more, more, more.
Dave gives this book a

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