Saturday, April 30, 2011

Review: Bastian by Elizabeth Amber

Lords of Satyr #6 
by: Elizabeth Amber
$14.00 trade paperback
Historical Erotica
Released: April 2011

Bastian and his brothers are the guardians of the gate between Earth and Elseworld in 1881 Rome but it is Bastian’s job to protect and find the ancient artifacts of a lost time and has now set his task to finding the pearls belonging to the Vestal Virgins before it is too late and the protection of Elseworld and their people become known to the humans.

Silvia is one of the Vestal Virgins and it is up to her to get the missing opals to save the rest of the virgins. When the opportunity comes along to integrate herself in Bastian’s digs she is not prepared for the way the man makes her feel. But, regardless of those feelings there is something much more important to protect and she will do whatever she must to do it.

Elizabeth Amber has brought us another page turning hit with her newest Satyr Lord Bastian amazing story full of history, romance and very erotic. Silvia’s ability to take over the body of man, woman or child is wonderful and of course Bastian is strong, intelligent but has a secret of his own he is afraid could cost him everything. I say bravo Ms. Amber for continuing to write such wonderful stories that keeps us all engrossed and wishing for our own Satyr Lord.

Annette gives this book a


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