Monday, March 28, 2011

Guest Blog with auhor Franny Armstrong

TIME...What really makes the clock tick?
Franny has been very busy lately with writing, preparing for RT 2011 and a new business that when I asked her to throw a blog together she was happy to do it for us.  Check out her new company PNG-StockPics as well as pick up her latest book FIRE'S WITNESS Book 3 in her Extrasensory Elements Series, review coming soon since I just finished it.


Lately I’ve found that the faster I want time to move forward, the slower it goes. It only stands to reason that the reverse is true also. You’ve heard people say, ‘I haven’t got enough time.’ ‘There are never enough hours in the day.’ ‘Where does the time go?’ and so on, haven’t you?

We only get the 24 hours per day that everyone else gets, so why do we all seem to have different scales when it comes to watching the clock? Time management!

Yes, that’s the key. I’ve yet to learn to do this to perfection, in fact, I’m far from it, but it’s something that I strive for. Having a home, family, being an author, running a business, errands, the gym, and so on all take time, valuable time.

How do I learn to manage it more wisely? Sure I could write a to-do-list each day, set goals by day, week, month, even years, but what if I lose it. I usually do the second I place it in my ‘to be filed’ pile that I never have time to sort. Well, that’s not working for me, so what’s next?

I have multiple calendars: on the wall, an erasable marker one on the side of my fridge, a number of them on my computer, and so on. Oh, I suppose you must LOOK at them to get the picture and take the time to update them and cross off the things I’ve accomplished? Well, there goes that theory.

I could hire a Virtual Assistant to keep me on the ball, but that costs money. Hmmm, running out of ideas? NEVER! Time management courses, seminars, ideas on the world wide web and a ton more things come to mind but for now, I take each moment at a time and strive...for perfection. Hmmm, what exactly is perfection anyway? Next blog I guess.

Franny Armstrong



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