Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Review: Dying Bites by D.D. Barant

Dying Bites
Bloodhound Files #1
by: D.D. Barant
$6.99 mass market paperback
St. Martin's Press
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: June 2009

Jace's day started out like any other-go to her job as a profiler for the FBI, finish her shift and go home.  But once she falls asleep, she has the weirdest dream of following a man in a dark suit through a doorway, and finding herself in an office.  Once there, she's told she's in an alternate universe, one where only one percent of the world population is human.  The rest are vampires, lycanthropes and golems.  The man in the dark suit tells her he needs her help finding an insane human, and if he's not stopped he could destroy the world.  Thinking it's a dream, Jace laughs it off...that is, until she realizes it's not a dream, and she has been sucked into an alternate universe. 

So begins a tale of danger and intrigue in a world just like ours, yet so very different.  A world where humans are an endangered species, where lycanthropes party once a month, and where golems are used in place of guns.  And because vampires, lycanthropes and golems are immune to psychological diseases, none of them are equipped to hunt down an insane human, which makes Jace an invaluable resource to them.

To sum it up, this book rocked.  I love the idea of a parallel universe, where humans are a minority.  The author has done an amazing job creating the world, as well as the people who inhabit it.  There's David, Jace's vampire boss who looks like he's eighteen, but is actually centuries old.  Her reluctant partner is a golem who doesn't know what to make of her humor, but learns to take it in stride. 

It's an edge of your seat thriller ride, one where you're never sure what's around the other bend.

Carla gives this book a



  1. There's three books in this series so far, and I had them all read in about three days. I didn't get much sleep, but I couldn't put them down. There's really no romance in them, but the story's so awesome you don't even need it. The only thing I'm mad about is I have to wait until October for the next installment to come out.