Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: To Tempt a Rake by Cara Elliott

To Tempt a Rake
Circle of Sin #3
by: Cara Elliott
$7.99 mass market paperback
Grand Central Publishing
Historical Romance
Released: February 2011

Kate didn't have a proper English upbringing, rather spending her youth sailing the seas with her parents.  Along the way, she discovered an interest in botany, not to mention learning things a proper young lady should never know.  When her parents die, she's forced back into Society and into the home of her grandfather, the duke of Cluyne.  He doesn't know what to make of her less than ideal upbringing, and the tension becomes more than she can bear some days. 

As a self-proclaimed rake, Marco has spent his years drinking and enjoying the attentions of several women.  When he meets Kate, he instinctively knows she's different, and can handle his outrageous flirtations.  What he doesn't expect is the unwanted attraction he feels towards her.

Forced to put up with Marco at her grandfather's house party, a murder suddenly spirals everything out of control.  Now she must work with Marco to reveal the culprit, as well as ruthlessly ignore the spark of desire he ignites within her.  For there's more at stake than they realize, and it seems as if they are the only two with a chance to stop the murderer before it's too late.

Kate grew up as a pirate, so learning to navigate society comes to a bit of a shock.  She knows she's different, but refuses to give up her intellect and independence just so she can fit in and please her grandfather.  When Marco starts flirting with her, she knows she shouldn't be affected by his suggestions, but finds herself doing just that.  When a party guest is murdered, she can't help but investigate, even knowing how dangerous it could be.  She's surprised when Marco offers his assistance, but knows there's more than meets the eye with him. 

This story is a whirlwind of deception, political intrigue, seduction and murder, artfully wrapped within the cover of a book.  While this is book 3, it reads like a stand alone, which helped to keep the story flowing.  The bantering between Marco and Kate was wonderful, and as the dark secrets of both their pasts came to light, I found myself holding my breath, wondering what would happen next.  Anyone who enjoys a historical with a solid plot should give this book a try.

Carla gives this book a


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