Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Taming Tara by Kelly Jamieson

Taming Tara
by: Kelly Jamieson
$6.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Released: November 2010

Tara is a strong independent woman who has worked really hard to run the family business of olive farming. All of her hard work doesn't seem to mean much to Grandpa, who is old fashioned and thinks that a man should be in charge of the business and so he hires Joe to help Tara run things. Tara is angry at both her Grandpa and Joe for different reason and isn't discrete about it but she and Joe have to work together. Joe sees that Tara likes to go with her gut feelings about things without doing the research to see if it would be a good business decision and when Joe calls her out on it she blew up and picked a fight with him.

Little do they know that they would both end up at Le Chateau,the BDSM club to blow off some steam. Tara goes there to feel like she is still in control she gets all dressed up in her Dominatrix clothes and looks for some sub to dominate. She sees a couple of guys that she has worked with before and sets up a "play date", while she is waiting for the "play date" Joe walks in the club and spots her immediately. Being a Dom himself Joe knows that Tara is no Dom, she just plays one. He wants to find a way to make her submit, and oh what fun is that going to be for him. Joe loves a good challenge and looks like Tara is just what he needs.

Will Joe be able to get Tara to submit willingly? Will Tara be able to trust someone so completely to give up her control? Only the two of them will find out, if they are willing.

I liked this book but it could have been two stories. The main one of course is about Joe and Tara and the second involved Joe's friend, Nick and Tara's sister, Sasha. I didn't mention them in my review, however I would like for them to get their own book and see how things turn out between them.

I give this book a 3.5 only because I would have liked to see more in the ending with Joe and Tara and the fact that it seemed to have more than one story going on in the book.

Sarah gives this book a

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