Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review: Etched in Bone by Adrian Phoenix

Etched in Bone
Maker's Song #4
by: Adrian Phoenix
$7.99 mass market paperback
Pocket Books
Paranormal Fantasy
Released: February 2011

Dante is the son of a Fallen Angel as well as a born vampire making him someone that everyone wants to control, the vampires want him, the fallen want him and the Shadow Branch wants him back as their weapon. But, Dante has his own plans and they don’t include any of them all he wants is to be with Heather the woman he loves and has bonded with unfortunately as usual in Dante’s life things never turn out the way he wants them to.

As Dante and Heather will soon discover not only is Dante in danger from the people who want to use him but from himself. Heather who is a FBI agent also has her fair share of trouble when the FBI turns on her and tries to drag her name through the mud in order to separate her from Dante, but as usual Heather is not giving up what she has with Dante and will find to the bitter end to hold on to him and help him overcome his own demons.

In a matter of days their world begins to crumble will they be able to hold on to each other and overcome the obstacles put in their way or will their enemies finally win and pull them apart?

ETCHED IN BONE is the fourth book in The Makers Song Series and I wasn’t sure how Adrian Pheonix could make it better but she pulls it off with style. You never know what is going to happen next the book is full of intrigue, humor and characters you love and hate. Ms. Phoenix takes you into another world that is full of thrills and will make you feel like you are really in New Orleans she defiantly does her homework when it comes to the locations of her books. I am going to try and patiently wait for book five (like I have a choice) but it is not going to be an easy task I thoroughly love this series and the characters just come to life and jump off the pages.

Annette gives this book


  1. Thanks so much, Annette!
    The 5th book is called On Midnight Wings and I'm hoping for a late December release.

  2. I loved this interview, a lot of fun by all. I am so excited about Etched In Bone, and of course, the 5th and 6th books. Thanks Adrian, and The Gang, it's always great to hear from all of you!