Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Dragon's Prey by Tielle St. Clare

Dragon's Prey
Shadow of the Dragon #4
by: Tielle St. Clare
$6.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Fantasy Erotica / Shifter
Released: November 2009

Kayla is a princess who happens to have a dragon cohabiting her body.  So when she gets captured, she figures her dragon's strength will make it easy to escape, right?  Wrong.  Her dragon is looking for its mate, and having had no luck in Kayla's kingdom, views this enslavement as a chance to scour the new area for her mate. 

As punishment for not meekly becoming a sex slave, Kayla is given to Sixx, the Captain of a mercenary group.  To make matters worse, her dragon takes one whiff of him and gleefully exclaims him to be her mate.  But that can't be right, because Sixx is everything she doesn't look for in a man-bossy, stubborn, pigheaded and arrogant. 

Despite all that, she can't help but be drawn to him.  As the days drag on, her passion for the mercenary grows, but she knows she can never tell him about her dragon half.  And the gods save him if her father ever finds out about this...

This is book 4 in the series, but can be read as a stand alone.  Kayla has been taken prisoner and her captors tried to sell her as a sex slave.  When the bodies started to pile up, they gave up on their idea of selling her and instead gave her to Sixx, a mercenary captain.  But Sixx has no idea what to do with a slave, and he really doesn't have time for one.  His rule is being challenged by some upstart soldier, and he's also trying to get past the witch's curse that was cast on him.  That curse that will spell the end of his career if any of his men find out.  But the sparks between the two are instant and exposive, and they can no more stay apart than refuse to breathe.  Kayla's worried about his reaction if he learns she's a dragon, and for good reason-he claims to want nothing to do with dragons, and thinks anyone who does is a fool.  Puts a bit of pressure on the relationship, such as it is. 

This book has great bantering, character depth and interaction, and I will definitely look for more from Tielle St. Clare, because this is the fourth book I've read of hers, and I'm hooked.

Carla gives this book a


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