Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Alien Games by Claudia Rose

Alien Games
by: Claudia Rose
$1.99 ebook
Ellora's Cave
Sci-Fi Erotica / Aliens
Released: Jul 2002

Jenna is a professional athlete, and the number of first place trophies in her house are testamount to that.  She's focused and driven, and doesn't let anything like emotions or relationships get in the way of her success.  Most people are smart enough to take the hint, but not Bruce, a fellow athlete who's been pursuing her for years.  Sure he's hot, but her training doesn't allow her time for any kind of romantic entanglements.

Bruce has both admired and lusted after Jenna for years.  Even her cold attitude doesn't deter him; it just makes the chase more of a challenge. 

But all that changes when the two are abducted by aliens.  Now Jenna and Bruce are the only humans on a ship full of strange aliens.  Their captors inform them they must undergo a series of sexual tests, but that's not the worst part.  No, the worst part is the three other alien couples held captive as well.  They're told they must mate with these other aliens, and because of the neural implants in their brains, they won't have a choice.

Suddenly Jenna realizes that everything she worked so hard for is pointless, and that Bruce is her only link to their planet, one that looks like they'll never see again...

This one has been given an extreme rating on the website, and I will agree with it.  There are several sex scenes between humans on aliens, so those that are squeamish or easily offended should not read this book.

That being said, it was a story about how one woman spends her whole life working towards a goal, only to realize that the emotional isolation she's put herself through is pointless when faced with the threat of death.  When the stakes are raised, she realizes that human comfort isn't bad, and can actually help to mend a traumatized soul. 

The sex scenes are a bit bizarre, but I knew that going in, so it wasn't much of a surprise.  Anyone who likes a bit of the exotic, extreme and flat out strange might like this book.

Carla gives this book a

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