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Interview with Author Adrian Phoenix and Special Guests!!!

RomFan would like to welcome critically acclaimed author and my friend Adrian Phoenix who has brought with her some special guests with her today. Welcome Adrian, Dante, Heather, Von, Lucien, Silver, and Annie.

Adrian: Thanks so much for having us, Annette. It’s a real pleasure to be here and to meet your readers.

Heather: Yes, thanks! It isn’t easy to get Dante out to interviews. *looks at Dante and laughs when he rolls his eyes* But when I told him it was for you, he said—

Dante: For Annette, d’accord, I’ll go. Hey, chère. Comment ça va? *gives you a warm hug and a kiss on the lips*

Annette: *Swoons*

Von: *snorts* Sure, but I still had to drag his ass out the door when it came time to go—for three reasons: 1. Boy can never keep track of frigging time. 2. Boy was busy throwing himself off the roof, practicing using his wings and trying to learn to land without looking like a drunk sailor. Or Captain Jack Sparrow strolling a dock. 3. Boy REFUSES to keep track of frigging time.

Dante: *rubs the side of his nose with an extended middle finger*

Von: You’re welcome. *gives you a bear hug, then plants a kiss on your lips.* How you doin’, doll?

Annette: *Fanning face* Doing much better now thank you for asking babe.

Lucien: *lifts your hand to his lips and kisses it* A true pleasure, m’selle.

Silver: Never done an interview before. Thanks for inviting me. This is kinda cool. *looks at a glowering and slouching Annie* But it looks like you don’t agree . . .?

Annie: Nah, it’s cool as shit, this is just my punk frontwoman game-face. Sod off, you shites.

Silver: *cocks a dubious eyebrow* And when exactly were you a British punk frontwoman? In Seattle?

Annie: Shut up. You’re ruining my Sid Vicious moment.

Silver: Guess that makes me Nancy. As long as I don’t hafta have a Nancy-dead-in-the-motel-room-because-of-Sid-and-his-knife-moment, I’m cool with it.

Annie: You’d heal, you big baby. *tries to hide a smile underneath a scowl*

Adrian: Okay, then . . .Let’s steer this out of dark and violent fantasyland and back on its proper course.

And I must say first congratulations Adrian on getting signed for books 5 and 6 in The Makers Song Series I know it made you happy but imagine how excited your fans are.

Adrian: Thanks, Annette! I’m very excited about the sale. I hope the series continues to do well enough in today’s market so that I can continue with it beyond books 5 and 6. And keep making fans of the series very happy.

Everyone please have a seat there is plenty of….*ugh* room, Von I didn’t mean on your lap, a little difficult to do an interview from here, who the hell am I kidding just stop bouncing me on your knee like a three year old.

Von: I think you in my lap is the perfect place to do the interview, darlin’. *gives you a wolfish grin and a wink and snakes an arm around your waist* There. Let’s get you all comfy. And I’ll stop bouncing you. If you insist. *winks again*

Adrian for those who have been hiding in a hole somewhere and have not picked up your books can you give them some insight into what the Makers Song Series is about?

Adrian: You bet! It’s a complex tapestry of betrayal, violence, government conspiracies, love and loss, redemption and sacrifice, a fast-paced, breath-stealing tale of vampires, mortals, and fallen angels and unstoppable destiny.

It begins with A Rush of Wings when FBI agent Heather Wallace traveling to New Orleans hot on the trail of a sadistic serial killer known as the Cross-Country Killer. The killer’s path leads her to Club Hell and to Dante, frontman for Inferno, and Heather becomes convinced that Dante is the CCK’s next target. Heather must unravel the truth about Dante—who she realizes is what he claims to be, vampire—in order to protect him and bring the killer to justice. But what she doesn’t know, and what she and Dante learn the hard way, is that his past holds a shocking and dangerous secret, and once it’s revealed not even she will be able to protect him from his destiny.

Adrian can you tell us a little about your new release Etched in Bone which is due in stores on February 22?

Adrian: Yup, Etched in Bone is the fourth book in The Maker’s Song series and it takes up where Beneath the Skin leaves off with Dante and Heather in Gehenna confronting the Fallen and freeing his father Lucien from the pit.

In this book, Dante faces his destiny and searches for a way to accept it on his own terms. To make his life, his own, at long last, and with Heather at his side—to start a life together. The former FBI agent is more than his partner and lover, she is also his anchor, his beacon, guiding him back from the edge of madness when his shattered past rises up and swallows him. But soon an unexpected enemy rises from within Heather’s family, an enemy who could shatter Dante’s hopes and put him on the path to becoming the Great Destroyer. As the tagline from the book cover states: Son of a fallen angel. Forged in vampire’s blood. Sworn to a mortal woman. If Dante falls, the world falls with him.

Von watch the hands!! You are going to be trouble aren’t ya?

Von: Trouble ain’t even my middle name, doll. It’s my first. *winks* By the way, I am watching the hands, doll. Yes, indeed. *wicked grin*

Annette: *Wiggles around a little to get comfortable* Oops sorry Von what the hell you got a weapon in your pocket? *laughs* don’t answer that.

Dante: Bet it’s a Pez dispenser.

*Von and Dante exchange another round of extended middle fingers.*

Dante how does it feel to finally grace a cover with your wonderful presence?

Dante: *laughs* Ain’t often I get called wonderful. More like f**king a**hole.

Von: *nods* True enough and no mystery why.

*Dante and Von exchange a quick flurry of raised middle fingers*

Dante: I really prefer having just sexy Heather on the cover.

Heather: Aw, thanks Baptiste. But I’m happier with you on there too. In fact, I’d like to see just you on the cover or you and Von and Lucien. Time for the guys of The Maker’s Song to grace the covers. Am I right?

Annette: I can see the poster now *sighs and gets that dreamy look*

Annie: Naked, right?

Heather: That’s a whole different cover, sis. *grins thinking about it*

Von you have such a fan following do you think we will see a spin-off and you get your own story? Of course some of your fans may not like the idea of you finding love unless it is one of them that is.

Von: *buffs his nails against his shirt* A best-seller, definitely. Hah. My fans—you ladies and gents know who you are—are the goddamned greatest. I’m sure they wouldn’t deny me some lovin’. *cocks an eyebrow* Wouldja?

Adrian: I’d love to do a book about Von, about how he was turned and what his llygad training was like, his adventures while mortal and afterward. Right now, the projects I have lined up may not make it a possibility right away. So I’m hoping to write some short stories about Von and his adventures and post them on my website.

Adrian will we see a crossover between Dante’s world and Kallie’s (Black Dust Mambo) since they both live in New Orleans? Dante & Heather what do you think of meeting Kallie?

Adrian: Yes, I definitely see that as a possibility. I can picture Kallie and Belladonna at Club Hell and I can picture Dante and Heather escaping to the bayou—an meeting all kinds of interesting personalities. And gators.

Dante: I’m willing to meet Kallie and her friends—as long as no one lays a hex on the club. I’m curious about the magic they work.

Heather: I’ve never met a hoodoo or root doctor before or even a voodooienne like Belladonna. I’m curious too.

Lucien if you knew now how things would have turned out would you have told Dante sooner he was your son?

Lucien: *looks at Dante for a moment before answering* I would, yes. I would’ve told him the first time I saw him when I found him on that wharf in pain, his nose bleeding, his creawdwr gifts wreaking havoc with his stability.

Lucien: *looks at Dante again and holds his gaze this time, speaking to him* One of the reasons I kept the fact that you were my son a secret was because I feared that your power had already tipped your sanity and that I would be forced to kill you. Even so, I should’ve told you.

Dante: *a muscle jumps in his jaw, but he nods* Even an ugly truth is a helluva lot better than a lie.

I decided to do something different this time around I asked my fellow Club Hell members for those questions that they have been burning to ask so I thank all of those who gave such wonderful questions when I was drawing a blank *sigh* hate when that happens. So is everyone ready?

From Conn - I'm gonna pick on Adrian and ask...when the heck are we gonna get the rest of Silver's story!??!? *grins* i know, someone has to ask it...

Adrian: *laughs* Hi Conn! I know, right? Now that I’m finally writing fulltime, I plan to finish that short story about Silver and Dante. First though, I plan to put up online the short novel about the delusional dog-catcher and his shapeshifting buddies, then I’ll finish up Silver’s story.

Annette: Silver what do you think of having your story finally out there? If we convince our fearless leader to stop teasing us with snippets that is.

Silver: It’s weird, actually. I mean, yeah, I was telling the story, but to know people are reading it is just weird.

From Jozie - If you hit shuffle on your Ipod what are the first five songs that would come up? I bet Von listens to Miley...

Dante: Hey, Jozie. It’d be “Wish” by NIN, “The Space In Between” by How to Destroy Angels, “Knights of Cydonia” by Muse, “End of Days” by Saints of Ruin, and “Y’all’d Think She’d Be Good 2 Me” by C.C. Adcock.

Annette: Oh Von please tell me it’s not true?

Von: *snorts* What you got against Miley, woman? *wicked grin* No, I don’t listen to Miley Cyrus, Jozie. I also don’t listen to an iPod. But if I did, these are the first five songs that’d pop up: songs to get the juice flowing: “What I Like (Womens)” by C.C. Adcock, “Mother” by Danzig, “Sexyback” by Justin Timberlake (close your jaw, woman), “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga (still need to close your jaw, doll), and “I Only Want You” by Eagles of Death Metal.

The following are all from Nate:

Hey Dante, how cool did it feel intimidating Gabriel? You gave him a peek at the blue fire just to make sure you two were clear then I believe you said "Now break that f@#*ing spell." ...And sure enough he did.

Dante: Hey, Nate. Good to hear from you again! LOL. Yeah, I think the f**ker got the message, for true. How did it feel? Righteous. Gabriel’s a pr*ck.

Heather: Without a doubt. Really seemed to have a stick up his a** where mortals are concerned.

*Lucien smiles*

Okay, since I asked that one...I have to ask Lucien, when you smelled burning
leaves then felt Dante's lips on your forehead. That moment when Dante came to finally bring you home. What was your first thought, and how did that feel?

Lucien: Once I realized that I wasn’t dreaming, it seemed as though everything that had ever come between us had been stripped away. Lies. Anger. Nightkind. Fallen. True Blood. Creawdwr. None of that mattered. All that remained was a father and an extraordinary son—my Genevieve’s final gift.

*Dante looks at Lucien, something close to regret on his face*

Von: And now Bachelor Number Three—where is your favorite spot to make whoopee?

Silver: That would be in your mama’s bed.

Dante and Von: (in admiring tones) Niiiice.

Silver: Thank you! I’ll be here all night.

Okay, this one's always kinda' been on my mind but I've never asked Dante before... Hey Dante, what does the blue flame feel like...What does using it feel like?

Dante: When it kicks in, it’s a physical tingle like electricity. But you’re talking about how it feels to use it, yeah? It’s a rush, bordering on sheer bliss. You know how you feel when you’re really into creating something—maybe writing a story or sketching or jamming on your guitar—that intense inward focus, totally caught up in the act of creation? Like that, times a million. It can be damned hard to switch it off, to let go of it. It’s like you’re caught inside a white-hot fire, but it rages around you and through you without burning you.

Annie: Sounds like one helluva high.

Dante: *shrugs* Oui, it can be. But I don’t like not being in control of it. Too f**king dangerous.

Oh, I've got another one...this ones for Von. Hey Von, I know sometimes you check people at the door before they can get into Club Hell. What's the strangest thing you've encountered while doing that? Crazies? Weapons?

Von: (to Annette) Here, darlin’, snuggle a little closer. There. That’s better. *winks* Ah, man, great question, Nate! Crazies, don’t phase me. They get too outta control, a tap to the temple puts ‘em out and makes ‘em real compliant, y’know? Of course, we’ve had all kinds. One gal thought Dante’s songs were all about her and were secret code, thought he was telling where she was supposed to meet him at so they could get married. *rolls eyes* Weapons ain’t a big deal either. But I think the strangest thing I stumbled across while patting someone down was a dildo. Now, why he had it on him and what—or who—he planned to do with it inside the club . . . *shakes head* No fricking clue. And, yup, I took it away from him, told him he could have it back when he left.

Von: And yup, he asked for it when he left. *laughs*

Oh hey, I've got another one. Hey Dante, what was the first show, or concert that you ever attended... I'd also like to ask Heather the same question, if she wouldn't mind.

Dante: You’re just full of it, ain’t cha, Nate? *wicked grin* Questions, that is. The first show I ever attended was a Rammstein revival gig in New Orleans. Those guys were ancient, but man, they could still stomp the piss outta ya with their music. Beaucoup bon.

Heather: Hi, Nate! Rammstein, huh? Kinda funny, but my first show was a Godsmack gig in Portland.

And to the Morningstar, you get out much over the years to see any of the classical era composers, or the birth or rock, the death of rock...The brief, but important period of Grunge...I suppose you could have seen it all if you wanted to...But then again, I'm pretty sure your voice can rival any musical movement eh? Me *points to self* personally I'm a Beatles/NIN kind of guy...

The Morningstar: *ignoring everyone’s watchful looks* I’ve enjoyed humanity’s little musical episodes, especially the classical, and yes, I’ve definitely seen it all. Rock and grunge both bored me and hurt my ears. So does jazz. But I love the blues. Beatles/NIN, eh? The Beatles, perhaps. NIN is noise. *grins when Dante flips him off* But when it comes to music, no one can begin to rival my golden tones.

Dante: *coughs the word “bullsh*t”*

Lucien: *rolls eyes* Yes, modesty suits him.

I would like to thank my fellow Club Hell members for coming up with some awesome questions you guys rock!!!

Adrian: Speaking for myself and everyone else, thanks to Conn, Nate, and Jozie for your questions.

Now Adrian for anyone interested in learning more about you and your books where can they find you?

Adrian: I can be found at my website http://www.adrianphoenix.com/ and on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Goodreads. Just drop by my blog for the links to each! www.adrianphoenix.com/blog

Any last words from the peanut gallery, yeah that is you Dante and Von. Heather, Silver and Lucien do you have anything else to add?

Lucien: Thank you, m’selle.

Heather: Thanks for having us here, Annette. Do you need help getting away from Von?

Von: *indignantly* No, she doesn’t, doll. I ain’t holding her hostage in my lap.

Dante: *laughs* Oh, man, you ought to hear how that sounds!

Annie: Maybe you should, Von. *wicked grin*

Annette: *Rolls eyes while flipping off Dante* I’m pretty comfy now I’m keeping him.

Dante: *laughs*

Von: *grins at you* Love me a sassy woman!

I had a wonderful time with all of you, thank you so much for spending time with us and I hope to chat with you all again soon *hugs everyone goodbye*.

Adrian: We all had a great time too, Annette. Again, thanks so much!

Dante: *gives you another tight hug and warm kiss* Soignez vous-autres, Annette! Catch you later, chère.

Von: *placing you on your feet, then planting another kiss on your lips* Good hanging with you, darlin’.

Adrian: See you again soon!

Now for the surprise I have been keeping secret!!!  Adrian is giving away two great prizes to two lucky people.  Leave a comment and be entered to win (1) Signed copies of all four books in The Makers Song Series (2) Signed copy of her new book being released February 22nd ETCHED IN BONE.  US and Canada residents only please.  Drawing will be held in Tuesday, February 22nd.


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